The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home

The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home – Homeschooling is gaining popularity in the twenty-first century, with some parents opting for it for their children while others are thrown into it by circumstance. Whatever the circumstances, the good news is that there are many online learning opportunities available today for both children and adults.

Age-appropriate resources

Veteran homeschoolers also share resources, such as online forums for the best learning opportunities, free worksheets and resources, and which websites or applications are best for different ages. Parents are discovering that their children will engage in the online learning phenomenon (with their parents’ assistance, of course!)

To assist you, we’ve built this guide, which contains a wealth of valuable tools in one convenient location. You’ll notice that we’ve organized the resources by school age to make it easier for you to find what you need.

We recognize that children have multiple needs at various times in their lives. To stop those dreaded “this is SO boring” remarks, we’ve included a range of roundups with a variety of activities to keep your kids amused.

We’ve also included a selection of posts to assist you in seeking the best prices on computers and software to keep your costs down.

Open the links in the navigation pane to use this guide. It’s divided into seven sections:

  • Babies and Pre-K, Elementary Age Learners, Middle Schoolers & Young Adults, High Schoolers & Teens, College & Adult Learners, Online Music Lessons, and Free Online Learning Opportunities for All Ages, as you can see. There are several articles in each section with helpful hints and tips for you.
  • Remember to follow smart online safety guidelines as you settle in to make your next purchase. Since children are prone to visiting unauthorized websites while online, it might be worth your time to invest in a parental control router, configure it, and allow malware security and parental controls all in one location.
  • Also, think about imposing parental controls on your PC or Mac. On your mobile, you can also install parental control software.

Making the Best of the Situation

  • Take advantage of the home-based opportunity to instill a love of learning in your children, whether you’ve been homeschooling for years or are only learning how to handle online learning at home.
  • Virtual field trips, online schools, and other resources abound on the internet. Find local homeschool groups on Facebook, for example, and take advantage of those online forums that can assist you in navigating these waters. Any time you go online to learn, you have access to the entire world’s resources, so remember: You can do this!

Roblox’s Potty Language

You should also be mindful that there is a lot of “poop talk” in younger chat windows while the chat window is open. Kids want to say “poop” or give their avatar names something with poop in it because the filters and moderators delete the more traditional swear words while leaving a little “potty” language in.

This is probably unsurprising behavior if you’re the parent of a school-aged boy. Only bear in mind that your house rules for appropriate language can vary from Roblox’s. If this is an issue, close the chat window.

Making Your Own Video Games

Since Roblox games are user-created, all users have the ability to be creators. Anyone, including children under the age of 13, can download Roblox Studio and start making games. 

How to set up games and 3-D environments for gaming are developed into Roblox Studio

The tool for designing includes common default backdrops and artifacts;

that isn’t to say there isn’t a learning curve. To use Roblox Studio with a younger person, we recommend offering a lot of scaffolding by making a parent sit with them and plan and build with them.

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Older kids can find a variety of tools inside Roblox Studio and in the forums to assist them in honing their game design skills.

How to Make Money with Roblox

Think of Roblox as a fun way to pass the time rather than a way to make money. Consider it a way for kids to learn the fundamentals of programming logic and problem solving while still having fun.

That said, you should be aware that Roblox developers are not paying in real money. They can, however, be paid in Robux, which can then be traded for real money. Several players have already made significant real-world money, including a Lithuanian teenager who was estimated to have made more than $100,000 in 2015. Most developers, on the other hand, do not make that kind of money.

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