Unlinking an Instagram account from a Facebook account does not work

Unlinking an Instagram account from a Facebook account does not work –Unlinking an Instagram account from a Facebook account does not work – Instagram has a page dedicated to the ‘Linked Accounts’ feature. It displays, as you would expect, your linked accounts. Users can connect to Instagram via Twitter, Tumblr, and, of course, Facebook, Instagram’s parent company.

At first, the task appears to be very simple: unconnected apps are displayed in gray, while connected apps are shown in color. On Facebook, however, the feature can be deceiving.

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The Facebook profile connection option, like the other platforms shown in Instagram’s Linked Accounts menu, is ostensibly disabled by default. Before Instagram displays the two as connected, users must sign in by tapping the grayed-out app logo. When two accounts are linked, and Unlink Account option appears in Instagram settings.” When you click there, you’ll see a warning: “Unlinking makes it more challenging to gain access to your Instagram account if you are locked out.

Common sense dictates that unlinking your Instagram profile from a Facebook account means unlinking your Instagram profile from that Facebook account. However, common sense does not always apply online, like many things on Facebook shows. According to a Facebook spokesperson, clicking Unlink Account does not immediately unlink a Facebook account from Instagram, so they cannot distinguish the two. Even if users have never explicitly connected their Facebook and Instagram accounts, they are essentially linked and will remain damned regardless of how many times you mash Unlink Account.

That’s because the overwhelming amount of data gathered by Facebook across its various services is more than adequate to identify and connect users’ various accounts properly. If your account with a different name, email address, or computer, whether it was a throwaway WhatsApp profile, stalker Instagram account, or joke Facebook profile, Facebook will find out who is behind the history and whether they have accounts on other Facebook-owned apps.
“We connect information about your activities through our platforms based on a range of signals,” a Facebook spokesperson told WIRED. “Because Facebook and Instagram share infrastructure, processes, and technologies,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “It makes no difference whether you connect or unlink your accounts in the app.”

The revelation occurs as Facebook works to integrate previously independent apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are combined (already troublesome on their own) into one mega chat app, while Instagram and WhatsApp are named Facebook Instagram and Facebook WhatsApp.

Even though the apps are more closely linked, Facebook executives believe they are not all comparable. The Linked Accounts feature on Instagram appears to funnel traffic to Facebook, where user growth has slowed while Instagram’s development continues apace. Meanwhile, Facebook took a contentious decision last year to stop funneling traffic to Instagram.
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According to the spokesperson, shortly after purchasing Instagram in 2012, Facebook began linking accounts behind the scenes based on user data. According to the spokesperson, Facebook gathers and connects this knowledge about user habits to provide users with a “personalized experience” across all applications under the company’s umbrella, such as more explicitly targeted ads or in-app recommendations based on a user’s cross-platform activities.
The truth of this “personalized experience” can be perplexing for users who thought they could separate their accounts. According to the spokesperson, Facebook may use this information to suggest that a user join a Facebook group that includes people who follow or speak with on Instagram Messenger. It may pose privacy concerns for users who want their actions on an unlinked Instagram account to be distinct from their primary Facebook profile.

Backend relations between these accounts raise additional challenges. Some users who set out to create Finstagrams claim that their new versions have been linked to their primary Facebook profiles, resulting in a notification to follow their ostensibly private Finsta from all of their friends, half-acquaintances, and distant relatives.

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