How To Check Your Phone Number On GLO With Code in 2021

How To Check Your Phone Number On GLO With Code in 2021 – Do you ever need to get your phone number on your glo line but don’t know how? Relax, it’s really simple and easy, and we’ll show you how to know your Glo phone number.

Unknown to your Glo phone numbers, especially if you have multiple Glo sims, is common among Nigerians. People normally don’t see the need to know their heart numbers because it doesn’t serve any official purposes.

Besides your main Glo line, you might have other Glo lines for your browsing and wonder how the Glo number of those lines is to be checked. Until now, you normally run to your handsets for your phone number or call a nearby friend or customer support and ask for your own number.

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But, particularly when you are in desperate need of your GL number, you cannot really rely on those methods. It’s also completely impractical to bring your GLOB sim pack with you anywhere. But with this easy method, I’ll prove that you don’t have to carry your sim pack at all times.

You will still know how to monitor and get your Glo number anytime, every day, by simply dialing a simple code.

How To Check Your Phone Number On GLO With Code in 2021

It is completely free to search or display your Glo phone number with code; all you need is your phone and, of course, your Glo sim card inserted into your phone. Previously, there was a code for checking your Glo number, but it appears that code is no longer available, so Glo has provided us with another faster way to check your Glo number, which is very simple and 100% effective.

If you have your phone and a Glo sim, the code to search your Glo number is below.

  • Dial 1244

After dialing the number, you’ll hear a voice announce your Glo phone number; take a pen and write it down somewhere in case you forget.

Note: You must dial this code with the Glo sim whose number you want to search. You can’t use another Glo sim to check another Glo sim’s phone number; the Glo sim whose phone number you want to check is the one you’ll use to dial the code from your phone. That’s how you can find out what your Glo number is.

Attention: Only find out that if you didn’t have the above code to search for your phone number, then call *777# > Choose 4 (My plan) > Select 4 Choose 3 (My Number).

How to check own number on Glo

Another alternate way of seeing or bringing out a Glo number is to call or flash a friend near you with your own Glo number, and of course, if you do, you know your own Glo telephone number is shown on your right computer, or to call your own Glo number on your call log.

Alternatively, you should call a Glo customer support number 121, listen to your Glo phone number and listen to the voice instructions.

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You’ll see how simple it is to verify and understand your glo telephone number by using the above process; before these methods, people typically bring their Glo sim packs everywhere they go and use their Glo telephone number when they forget.

However, with these new techniques, understanding that you only have a click away, you don’t have to take your sim pack or call your customer support or a friend anywhere. You will have access to your globe number by just dialing out a shortcode whenever you want at no cost.

How do I check my Glo number on my phone?

You can hear a voice that calls your number on the Glo; if you want to search or know your own Glo number on the phone dial, this code 1244. By dialing 1244, you can still obtain your Glo number.

How to view my number on Glo

The code on the Glo is not valid; you can dial your Glo number by calling 1244 and hearing your voice calling and writing your Glo or dialing *777# >> Choose 4 (Plan My Tariff) > Choose 3 (My Number).


You have no other reason not to know the Glo phone number. This is how to search your Glo phone number. Whatever the number of glo sim cards you have, the phone numbers of each of your Glo sim is always verified and known using the method above.

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