An Easy 10-Step Guide To Organising An Instameet

    An Easy 10-Step Guide To Organising An Instameet – On their site, Instagram just announced the official tenth World Wide Instameet. This announcement encourages Instagrammers worldwide to get together on the weekend of October 4-5, 2014, in their cities!

    Here’s a little film shot during South Africa’s 9th World Wide Instameet held in Soweto, Johannesburg. Instagram’s “Behind the Instameet” feature on their site also has information about Instameets worldwide.

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    In light of Instagram’s announcement, here’s some free advice on how to organize an Instameet for Instagrammers all around the world! An easy-to-follow 10-step strategy to containing an instameet is laid out below. Have fun snapping!

    1. go location scouting.

    Go on an excursion, but keep in mind that the best sites will always provide a wide range of photo options. Also, consider the diversity and number of people who will be there by thinking outside the box.

    2.Plan a route. Your

     route should already be planned and charted in your head. The perfect itinerary will include a few minutes of walking followed by 15-20 minute breaks, particularly near areas where Instagrammers can explore and shoot a few photos!

    3.Set a date & time (consider timing)

    When planning an Instameet, this is probably the most critical consideration. Weekends, in my experience, appear to be the best. Because cities usually are quieter on Sundays, they are great. Keep in mind that the best natural light falls around a magic hour while choosing a time (an hour before and after sunrise or sunset).

    4.Set up a general & unique hashtag

    You must create two hashtags. The first will be a more generic hashtag that you may use to keep track of your community. This will serve as an all-encompassing hashtag for all previous and future installments. The other hashtag should be unique to the Instameet and, ideally, have never been used before. It’s the most efficient way of keeping track of all the photos taken during that particular instameet.

    5.Create an “infogram” & caption

    An inform just a photograph of a location with text superimposed. These infograms can be created with the software “over,” which is available for iOS and Android. The Instameet’s location, time, date, and hashtag must all be included in the image’s text. A well-written welcome message that invites anyone to participate should be included in the description. The location, time, date, and hashtag should all be included in the caption, as well as a contact person.

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    6.Publishing (personal & availability online)

    Using your current community accounts, blogs, social media channels, and the people attending is the ideal approach to broadcast an Instameet and maximize exposure. We’ll upload the infogram to the city account and @igersSouthAfrica, as is customary for Instagramers. We’ll also make the infogram and caption available online, either as a Dropbox link or as a blog post on a website, so that anyone can publicize the instameet.

    7.Meet, Announce & Group Photo

    For your Instameet, arrive a few minutes early. Make yourself visible and keep an eye on the infogram that has been provided. People who are late or lost frequently comment and inquire about the Instameet’s progress. AnnounceAnnounce after everyone has arrived. Thank everyone, thank them for attending, share the hashtag, and mention your community account if you have one. Take a group photo and post it on a cool wall or somewhere with good lighting. Request that everyone in the room leave a remark on the photograph. This is the most convenient way for Instagram users to locate each other.

    8.Socialize & mingle

    Smile and be pleasant! In the end, Instameets are about the people. You want to make newcomers and regulars alike feel as comfortable as possible. Some organizers hand out candy, while others create t-shirts and stickers. Determine what you can do better to ensure that the Instameet is remembered.


    Request that your Instameet is filmed by a few folks who enjoy filming videos (watch an example below). If you don’t know any filmmakers, ask a few bloggers to produce a photoblog about your Instameet if you don’t know any. Having some content that can be utilized to promote future events is always beneficial.

    10.After the Instameet.

    After your Instameet is over, choose a lovely area to visit. Around a beer or pizza, talk about picture editing techniques, discuss shots, and get to know one other’s handles. As the community manager, you should choose a handful of the most outstanding photos to highlight over the next few days. People will be pleased to see their photo included, and it will also pique their interest in attending the next community gathering.




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