Marketplace: Buy and Sell with Your Local Community

Introduction to the Marketplace: Buy and Sell with Your Local Community

Marketplace: Buy and sell with your local community – Facebook is where people connect, and more individuals have used Facebook to connect in another way in recent years: to purchase and sell with each other. This action began in Facebook Groups and grew significantly. More than 450 million visitors each month purchase and sell groups—from families in the local district to collectors worldwide.

We introduce the Marketplace today, an accessible location to find, buy and sell products with others in your community to enable people to build more of these relationships. The Marketplace allows for finding new goods quickly and finding a new spot for the things you are ready to share. We will create more options and features to ensure that users have the best experience.

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Tap the shop symbol in the lower corner of the Facebook app and start browsing to visit Marketplace.

Discover Items for Sale Near You

Marketplace opens with photographs of products offered for sale by people near you. Search at the top and refine your results by location, kind, or price to find something special. It can also be found in several different areas, for example, households, electronics, and clothing. Use the integrated location tool to change the site you are looking for or move to another city.

Tap the image for details, including a product description, the seller’s name and profile photograph, and their general location if you find something interesting. To see it later, you can also save the item.

Did you decide you would like it? To notify them you are interested and make an offer, send the vendor a direct message via Marketplace. The specifics can be elaborated in whatever way you and the vendor wish from that point. Unfortunately, Facebook does not facilitate the payment or delivery of things on the market.

Make Posts of Items for Sale in Just a Few Steps

It is just as simple for one to sell an item on the Marketplace. Simply:

  1. Picture or add your camera roll to a picture of your item
  2. Enter names, descriptions, and price of the product
  3. Select a category and check your location.
  4. Post

You may now find your item and message anybody in your region who wants to purchase it. You can also select to post on the market and simultaneously to a particular buy-and-sell group.

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Visit the items section to keep track of all current and prior transactions on the Marketplace. In addition, you may examine stored articles, products for sale, and all messages with people there. You’ll find them here.

Currently in Four Countries, With More to Come

Marketplace will be available to everyone over the age of 18 in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand over the next few days on the Facebook app for iPhone and Android. In the following months, we will continue expanding Marketplace to other countries and making it available on the desktop version of Facebook.

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