How to cut a pomegranate

The Absolute Best Way To Cut A Pomegranate

Cracking into a pomegranate can be a bit… intimidating. Juice gets everywhere, you stain your hands, your clothes, your cutting board, and it can feel like you’re wrestling out each seed individually. Stress no more! Follow the easy steps below for mess-free pomegranate eating. (Your white tee will thank you.)

1. Remove the “flower”.

See that little stem at the top of your pomegranate? That’s the flower. Use the tip of a small paring knife to cut around the base of the flower and remove it from the top of the pomegranate.

2. Score the sides.

No pomegranate is perfectly round—see those ridges and valleys running from top to bottom? Using your paring knife, slice shallow cuts from top to bottom between the ridges. Be careful not to cut too deep, or you’ll end up releasing some of the juice, and you’re gonna want alll of that.

3. Separate the sections.

Grip the pomegranate in your hands with your thumbs planted in the center of the removed flower. Gently pull from the center outward, separating each section like segments of an orange.

4. Remove the seeds.

Finally, the good stuff: Now that you’ve got your fruit in sections, it’s easy to gently scrape the seeds (or “arils”) from the white membrane.

5. Eat!

Success is yours! Eat ’em on their own, or use them in a recipe, like these addictive chocolate pom poms.


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