This Is Why Facebook Dating is Not Working – Why You Can’t Find Facebook Dating App?

This Is Why Facebook Dating is Not Working – Why You Can’t Find Facebook Dating App?

This Is Why Facebook Dating is Not Working - Why You Can't Find Facebook Dating App?

Here Are Reasons Facebook Dating Is Not Working

The Facebook Dating feature is not a new one, so there are not many reasons why it won’t work. Most of the time when Facebook users complain Facebook Dating is not working, it’s either because Facebook Dating is generally down or Facebook Dating is not available in their region.

  1. Facebook Dating Not Showing; caused when Facebook Dating is not available in your region or a general malfunction affecting everyone trying to access Facebook dating.
  2. Facebook Dating Not Loading/ Crashing; poor network connection, general malfunction from Facebook servers, or faulty mobile device.
  3. Facebook Dating Notifications not showing; Maybe you blocked Facebook from popping up notifications on your device home screen.
  4. You’ve violated Facebook dating terms of use; consequently, this will bar you from using the feature in any way. You have to contact Facebook on this one.

For starters, you also might not be able to access Facebook dating because it has not been released in your region yet or you are below the age, 18.

Things You Can Do When Facebook Dating is Not Working

In case of a crash or general Facebook malfunction, there is nothing you can do except wait till Facebook fix whatever is going on with their servers which they will in due time. Check the list below to find out some things you could try out to fix Facebook Dating not working.

  1. Update your Facebook App: If Facebook dating is not showing up or is crashing, try updating the Facebook mobile app on your device to the latest version. This is one of the best fixes for Facebook dating issues.
  2. Not receiving notifications on your Facebook dating status; try checking your hamburger menu on the Facebook app for a tab named “Settings& Privacy”> “Settings”. On the settings menu, scroll down and tap on “Notifications” and proceed to set which Facebook notifications you’d like to receive and how.
  3. Troubleshoot your mobile device; Restart it, clear up its memory, and delete useless files from your device’s memory.
  4. Logout of the Facebook app and close it. Then open it and sign in again.
    Delete and reinstall the Facebook app.
  5. Combine steps 4,5 and 3 respectively. Log out of your Facebook account, delete the Facebook app, and troubleshoot your device. Then install the Facebook app again and sign in to your Facebook account.
  6. Contact Facebook and luckily for you, we’ve got a guide on how to efficiently contact Facebook in 4 different ways.
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