Facebook’s Dating App, Here’s How To Use It

Facebook’s Dating App, Here’s How To Use It – Facebook’s dating app, which was first revealed at the company’s F8 Conference in May 2018, has now been rolled out throughout the United States. The app is likely a source of both excitement and caution for those floating in the dating pool—which is ideally heavily chlorinated. After all, Facebook has more data on more people than any other platform, but would that translate into perfect matches or the public disclosure of your most private information about your love life?

How Facebook’s Fating App Works

Let’s look at how Facebook’s dating app works before we get into the safety issues. First, you must be at least 18 years old to use it, and it can only be set up via the Facebook app. The app can’t be downloaded separately and can’t be used exclusively with Instagram. To access the dating app, navigate to the Facebook app’s bottom-right menu button. There should be a Dating choice among the choices for your profile and friends. Next to the option is a stylized heart icon that appears to be empty (just saying).

To get your dating profile out there, you need to follow a few easy steps. The app, for example, asks you to choose your gender identity and the gender identity of potential romantic partners, as well as which profile pictures you’d like to use first. If you’re happy with the default photos and profile information (which includes your name, age, work, and so on), the entire setup process takes about a minute. It appears. It appears to be more or less an emulation of Tinder’s setup process.

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If your profile is enabled, Facebook will begin recommending possible matches for you based on “things you have in common, including interests, activities, and groups,” according to Facebook’s press release. It appears that Facebook will use algorithms to find out who belongs with whom based on massive databases of behavioral patterns. You can also change your dating venue, the radius in which you look for matches, as well as your gender identity, age range, and height preference for matches. Facebook only recommends friends of friends and people who are totally outside of your circle by default.

The Secret Crush function, which allows you to choose up to nine of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers as possible secret interests, is one of the unique features. You’ll find out if someone else is interested in you with Secret Crush if you both add each other to your Secret Crush lists. If you don’t fit or your crush doesn’t have the app, no party would be aware that you like them. You may also personally comment on people’s dating profiles or “like” them in addition to Hidden Crush.

In terms of security, it seems that Facebook is going out of its way to reassure users that their dating data will not be shared with their main Facebook profile pages in any way. Facebook dating will be opt-in only, and users will be able to block or report other users. The app also tends to forbid users from sending links, videos, images, or payments, placing it at a disadvantage in comparison to other dating apps. However, this could significantly reduce the sharing of unwanted information.

In a post highlighting the dating app’s safety features, Facebook also stated that you could provide different details on your dating app profile than you do on your regular profile. None of your activities on the dating app will show in your Facebook feed, and you have complete control over who can see your dating profile on Facebook. Your Facebook mates will still be unaware that you’ve signed up for the dating app; your dating profile will only be available to people who’ve been recommended to you or vice versa, as well as secret crushes who’ve liked you back. Facebook claims that your dating behavior, which involves things like who you’ve liked or forwarded on, will not be shared with someone outside of the app in terms of data collection and use.

Users will be able to link their Instagram accounts to their Facebook dating profiles, though sharing stories will not be possible until later this year. While it seems that Facebook dating is simply Tinder 2.0, Facebook claims that the opportunity to post Instagram stories would give people’s profiles a more vibrant feel than those on other dating apps.

What are your thoughts on Facebook dating? Do you want to find out who your secret crushes are, or are you hesitant to give Facebook any more of your personal information? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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