Available Jobs in Canada

Available Jobs in Canada – Without experience, anyone can get a job in Canada.

While finding work in Canada is difficult, it is not impossible. Many people, however, believe that to secure a job in Canada, they must have Canadian experience. Of course, this is true in some circumstances, but not always. We’ve compiled a list of jobs that don’t require previous work experience in Canada.

1. Agent for Real Estate

To work as a real estate agent in this country, you must pass a 60-hour course. It is not necessary, however, to have prior experience in this industry or Canada. As a real estate agent in Canada, you can earn an average salary of $50,879 depending on your contacts and methods of operation. The majority of the time, the agents here work on a commission basis, which implies that their earnings are unrestricted.

2. Client Service Representative

A customer service representative is another job that is ideal for persons who enjoy chatting with others. Most Canadian companies will want you to complete training or an internship before joining them. Aside from that, no further preparations are required. Friendship, good communication skills, a team-player mindset, and a cheerful demeanor are some of the attributes required for this position. The average income for this position is $33,688.

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3. Assistant in Public Relations

This career is ideal for extroverts who enjoy receiving attention and conversing with a variety of people. Surprisingly, fresh people are in more demand in this field. It is because it enables professionals to mold things to their specifications. Strong writing and communication abilities are two qualities that a good public relations assistant must possess. As a PR assistant, you can expect to make an average of $50,497 each year.

4. Aides in the Home

If you enjoy caring for the elderly and sick children daily, you could consider working as a home care aid in Canada. It’s one of those careers in Canada that has a lot of demand but a low response rate. You can make $12 per hour working as a home care assistant. A valid driver’s license and, in some situations, certification may be required for this position.

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5. Medical Assistant

The average compensation for a medical assistant is $30,819 per year. Those who enjoy working in a doctor’s office or a hospital may find this profession appealing. As a medical assistant, you have the freedom to do whatever you choose, from engaging with patients to answering questions at the front desk. The more experience you gain, the more opportunities and compensation packages you will be able to obtain in the future. This work offers a lot of opportunities for advancement, from junior assistant to senior level.

More positions like this can readily be found in Canada, and no prior Canadian experience is required.

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