WhatsApp Link; How to Create Personal WhatsApp Link

How to create and customise a personal WhatsApp link: As the most used mobile messaging platform, WhatsApp is here to stay. In this way, people and companies can stay in touch with their friends, family, and clients. The platform is also used by large corporations as a customer service channel.

Since new WhatsApp conversations must be initiated by one of your contacts, many users have trouble striking up conversations with random people. So, communication may be impeded if you do not have such a person in your contact list. The advent of the WhatsApp link has put an end to this problem.

WhatsApp Link

This “click-to-chat” link can be created and shared by any WhatsApp user across any website. When someone clicks on the WhatsApp link you’ve shared, they’ll be taken to a new chat with you without having to add you as a contact first.

Platforms to Embed Link

You can arrange the created links to draw attention to your conversations. You can promote it in your social media bios and profiles, such as on Instagram and Facebook, and in your professional profiles on LinkedIn.

Please include it in a blog or social media post, or put a link to it on your website (on the contact us page). You may also link your Google and WhatsApp profiles so that everyone who finds you through Google is forwarded to your WhatsApp instead.

WhatsApp link

How to Create a WhatsApp Link

If you’re one of the millions of individuals who use WhatsApp and long for a unique link that can be published on social media sites to draw others to you on WhatsApp. Follow the steps below to learn how! Creating your own unique link for WhatsApp is as easy as editing the existing one.

To do so, copy the link provided below (https://wa.me/””) and paste it into a text editor, where you will replace “” with your WhatsApp number (with country code), omitting any special characters.

Consider the following scenario: Your WhatsApp number is +938-653-595-58. As a result, the link you get will look like this: https://wa.me/93865359558.

Once you have your generated link, you can try it out by clicking it on another device. You should be taken to WhatsApp, where a new conversation can be initiated.

How to Customise your WhatsApp Link

Now that you know how easy it is to make your own WhatsApp link, we can move on to making adjustments so that it works across all platforms. It’s possible for you as a company to share your links across various sites. As a result, it may be challenging to tell from which site a click originates. Custom links exist for this one and only purpose.

Anyone who clicks on your personalised link will immediately begin chatting with you and will also include some pre-embedded text that will let you know from which site the click originated. Follow the protocol below to make changes to your WhatsApp link:

We’ll make a personalised link using the same example we used earlier when making a direct WhatsApp link. Please replace all instances of “space” with “%20” when inserting the preferred text.

So, if, for instance, you want to include “Hi, how can I create my personal WhatsApp link? Thanks” Your customised link will look like this: https://wa.me/93865359558?text=Hi,%20how%20can%20I%20create%20my%20personal%20WhatsApp%20link?%20Thanks

Now that you’ve created a customised link for your WhatsApp, you can test it again by clicking on the link from another device; if done, it should be redirected to your WhatsApp with a pre-embedded text saying, “Hi, how can I create my personal WhatsApp link? Thanks”


Establishing a link for your WhatsApp is crucial for any company serious about expanding its online consumer base. Instead of having customers fill out a lengthy form that may or may not get a response, this method funnels them straight to your WhatsApp chat.

Now that you know how to generate and customise your very own WhatsApp link, please spread the word about this post to your social and professional networks so that they, too, can enjoy this handy tool.

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