Selling on Facebook Marketplace? Don’t Share This Code!

Selling on Facebook Marketplace? Don’t Share This Code!

Facebook Marketplace, since its introduction, has emerged as a favorite hub for both buyers and sellers. While it offers an incredible platform for users to list and sell their items with ease, it’s equally paramount to ensure that transactions remain secure. Among the many safety tips, there’s one piece of advice that stands out: never share a specific code. Read on to discover what this code is and why sharing it can be a grave mistake.


Facebook Marketplace

  1. What is Facebook Marketplace?
    • Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace where users can list, buy, and sell their items locally. Since its debut in 2016, it’s evolved into a popular platform rivaling traditional classified ads and other online marketplaces.
  2. Benefits of Selling on Facebook Marketplace
    • Wide Audience Reach: With billions of Facebook users worldwide, your listings can gain vast visibility.
    • User-Friendly Process: Listing an item is straightforward, with options for description, price, and photos.
    • Direct Communication: Interact directly with interested buyers through Facebook Messenger.


Safety First: Precautions When Selling:

  1. Common Scams on Facebook Marketplace
    • Unfortunately, like many online platforms, scams exist. Examples include fake payment confirmations, counterfeit currency, or the notorious “send me a code” scam.
  2. Tips for Protecting Yourself and Your Transactions
    • Public Meetings: When selling high-value items, meet the buyer in a public place.
    • Secure Payments: Avoid accepting checks or wire transfers. Cash or trusted digital payment apps are recommended.
    • Guard Your Info: Beyond the mysterious code we’ll discuss shortly, never share personal data, such as home address or bank details.


Selling on Facebook Marketplace? Don't Share This Code!
Selling on Facebook Marketplace? Don’t Share This Code!


The Code You Should Never Share

  1. Introduction to Sensitive Codes on Facebook
    • Occasionally, a buyer may ask you to share a code that you’ve received via SMS. This code is typically a two-factor authentication (2FA) code sent by Facebook to confirm your identity.
  2. Why You Shouldn’t Share This Code
    • Sharing this code can give scammers control over your Facebook account, leading to a myriad of issues, from spamming your friends to scamming others in your name.
    • Once they have access, regaining control of your account can be a cumbersome process.
  3. Other Sensitive Information to Keep Private
    • Social Security or National Insurance numbers.
    • Bank account details.
    • Personal addresses.


How to Respond if Someone Asks for the Code

  1. Spotting Red Flags
    • Be wary of buyers who are overly eager, offer more than the listed price, or use pressure tactics to make you share information.
  2. Steps to Take if Asked for the Code
    • Politely decline and cease communication.
    • Report the conversation to Facebook immediately.
    • Regularly review your privacy settings and consider enabling 2FA if you haven’t already.


Optimizing Your Selling Experience on Facebook Marketplace:

  1. Best Practices for Listing Items
    • Quality Over Quantity: Use high-definition images showcasing the item from various angles.
    • Be Descriptive: Provide a detailed description, including the item’s condition, size, and history.
    • Pricing: Set a competitive price, but be open to negotiation.
  2. Engaging with Genuine Buyers
    • Take a moment to review a buyer’s profile. Established profiles with genuine photos and histories are often more trustworthy.
    • Set clear terms of sale and stick to them.



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Facebook Marketplace provides an excellent platform for selling, but like all online spaces, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and informed. By guarding your information, especially sensitive codes, you can enjoy a smooth and secure selling experience.

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Remember, staying safe online is a collective effort. The more we share, the more we’re aware!

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