Why Does Love Hurt?

Why Does Love Hurt?

Why Does Love Hurt? – Love has the ability to lift you to the clouds while also bringing you back down to earth. Poets lament love’s anguish as much as they extol its beauty. It’s natural for someone who enjoys love to experience ups and downs in their feelings.

Love, however, has its dark side, as we all know.

Something that can bring so much happiness can also take it all away in a flash.

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So, where does love get its enormous power, and why does it still hurt so much despite our knowledge of dealing with it?

Why is love so painful?

Love, like heat or cold, is a sensation.

We cannot see or feel love outside of our bodies in the same way that we can feel the breeze or the scorching sun on our skin.

However, just like hunger or pain, love is a bodily sensation.

When you are physically harmed, pain sears through your body, it is a defense mechanism used by your body to alert you that something is wrong somewhere. Additionally, it is a warning signal from your mind to avoid similar situations in the future.

And, similarly, love hurts for the same reasons. It is your mind’s way of communicating with you that something is wrong with you.

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Five reasons why love is the most painful emotion there is

Emotionally, love can be excruciating. However, almost always, love is mingled with other feelings, exacerbating the painful sensation. Here are five of the most common emotions associated with love when it goes wrong.

  1. Fear

2. Indignation

3. Impotence

4. Isolation

5. Envy

The negative consequences of lousy love

Since humans first discovered how to live in groups, we have been hardwired to interact socially and rely on others, particularly our loved ones. When a relationship begins to deteriorate, your reliance on a genuinely intimate human connection is jeopardized, activating a panic button in your mind.

Negative relationships contribute to increased stress. You’ll tire more efficiently and have a more difficult time coping with everyday events.

Your thoughts are preoccupied. When love becomes painful, you lose sight of other aspects of your life.

Social embarrassment. When you’re in a bad relationship or going through a breakup, you’ll feel defeated. You may also feel more exposed and helpless.

Love does not cause all of the pain you feel; all of these other factors accumulate over a few days and contribute to the heartache that can make you feel even worse.

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Things you do that aggravate the pain of love.

While a breakup or a rift in the relationship can result in all of the above, there are a few things that broken-hearted lovers do to compound the pain and misery.

1. Isolation from others.

2. Seeking ways to increase your misery, such as self-injury or mentally replaying the wrong relationship.

3. Obtaining intoxication. A hangover will only aggravate your headache.

4. Becoming clingy and persistent in the face of non-response from your lover.

5. You resist moving on even though it is your only option.

If you genuinely want the agony of a bad romance to fade away, you must make an effort to move on rather than succumbing to the sick satisfaction of perpetual misery. That’s the much we can take about.

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