What is

    What is – Tagged provides a free-of-charge online dating service that connects members with new people.

    In the beginning, it was designed for teens and the public. FOLLOWING CRITICAL & REPORTS OF INCORRECT CONTENT, OR After FEBRUARY 2014, RATES MUST BE IN BLOCKEDDED FOR EVERYONE ON.

    similar to Tinder for teens users, and no one under the age of 16 could see profiles of those who were using the service

    All users are now required to be at least 18 years of age.

    What is – How to create a profile?

    People can sign up using their Facebook, Google, or email account. Facebook uses your birth date of birth from your account to check your age; however, if you sign up with a date of birth making it easier for the under 18s to sign up.

    Why is it popular?

    Users like for an online social network that’s free and easy and people connect and converse with their friends on it. Players who enjoy playing this game have their pet in mind while playing as well. Other players in the game are interchangeable, much like fantasy baseball players in that you can ‘purchase,’ ‘acquire, “own, ‘”purchase players who score you points. It’s absolutely up to you should you want to take part in our value competition or whether or become valuable in the game! As an in-app purchase, customers can also gain functionality inside the app by seeing who viewed your profile.

    What is – How does it work?

    Similar to how they use other social media email, Facebook, or Google, Once you have an account, you can upload photos, create an album, join a party, and talk with others.

    Making new Friends

    It is very simple for people to meet new people on the web. Browsing helps you to talk to non-friends as well. When users make the contact request, they simply click on the send button. Comparable to other dating platforms, Tagged. It enables you to meet others by age, place, and other facets of personality.

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    Tinder has a “Meet Me” feature on the platform as well. Individuals can look at potential matches, display profiles, and like profiles. If another user likes you, you, you are informed.

    What are the risks?

    Just like all social networking sites, there are risks users should be aware of.

    What is – Privacy Settings

    When an account is created on Tagged, public settings are used by default. This means that you put in your public profile can be accessed by anyone with an account, and anyone who already has an account can email or message you. When new social networks are opened, users can always check the privacy settings.

    Unwanted spam communication can be reduced by enabling the friends only choice.

    It is important for users to remember that even though you want to build a “Friends Only” option on your Facebook account, this does not mean that your account is private. Use the account settings to modify your privacy settings.

    Online Predators

    One of’s key features is to make meeting and communicating with new people easier. Users should be on their best behavior Users should be conscious that people might not be who they think they are in chat rooms and social networks. The web has been identified as a culprit in the last year in incidents involving online sexual abusers and minors, in the U.S. and in Ireland.

    What is – Inappropriate Content

    There are circumstances where users can encounter objectionable material on the social networking website. Customers should exercise caution with regard to who they share information with and the service’s terms of use before using it.

    How to Delete a Account

    STEP 1: Go to the Settings under the Account section

    STEP 2: Click ‘cancel your Tagged account’ under the general settings section.

    STEP 3: Click ‘yes, I want to cancel my Tagged account.’

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