USSD Code To Check Union Bank Account Balance

USSD Code To Check Union Bank Account Balance – Nigeria’s Union Bank of Nigeria Plc is a commercial bank. Since 1917, it has operated in Nigeria.

Individuals with small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations and organizations are served by Union Bank, a significant commercial bank. It ranked the 556th largest bank globally and the 14th largest bank in Africa in July 2009. The bank’s asset base was projected to be NGN1, 381 billion (US$4.1 billion) as of March 31, 2018. At the time, the stockholders’ equity was projected to be NGN286 billion (US$851 million).

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The bank’s history may be traced back to 1836, when London bankers and British merchants received a royal charter from William IV to undertake banking operations throughout the Caribbean. Colonial Bank was founded by this group of investors. Colonial bank commenced operations in Nigeria in 1917, following an act of parliament allowing the bank to expand outside the Caribbean. Banking locations in Lagos, Jos, and Port Harcourt were the first to open. In 1918, the bank opened more centers in financially vital places like Ebute-Metta, Onitsha, Ibadan, Kano, and Zaria, and then added another branch in Burutu in 1921.

Colonial banking activity also extended to other towns in British West Africa at the time, including Accra and Freetown. Barclays Bank bought Colonial Bank in 1925, renaming it Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial, and Overseas) and then Barclays Bank (DCO). The commercial expansion was limited by the Great Depression and World War II between 1925 and 1950, but the bank continued to operate consistently, expanding a few branches while closing others. The bank raised its activities in Nigeria throughout the 1950s, and by the beginning of 1960, it had 41 units.

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To comply with new banking legislation implemented in 1968, Barclays Bank DCO was incorporated in Nigeria as Barclays Bank of Nigeria Limited in 1969.

  • The bank stock was first listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1971. Nigerians were offered 8.33 percent of the bank’s shares in the same year. The Federal Government of Nigeria took over 51.67 percent of the bank the following year, leaving Barclays Bank Plc. of London with 40 percent. That 40% was sold to Nigerian people and businesses in 1979 to conform with newly implemented banking and investment legislation. To reflect its new ownership structure, the bank changed its name to Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.

The Federal Government of Nigeria sold its whole stake in the bank in 1993. Following that, the former Universal Trust Bank Plc and Broad Bank Limited were bought by Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. Union Merchant Bank Limited, a former subsidiary, was also absorbed.

This article will show you how to use the USSD code to check your Union Bank account balance on your phone. I detailed how to move money from one bank in Nigeria to another and all of the banks’ USSD money transfer codes.

Union Bank is one of Nigeria’s oldest banks, and it has made things easier for its customers via mobile banking and internet banking. You may simply check your Union bank account balance on your phone using the USSD code.

The use of a USSD code to check the amount of a Union bank account on a mobile phone has made mobile banking a lot easier, and many banks now have mobile banking apps that make internet banking a lot less stressful.

This means you no longer need to line at an ATM to check your bank account balance; you can now do so from the convenience of your phone. So let’s go right to how you can check the balance of your Union bank account on your phone.

USSD Code to Check Union Bank Account Balance on Mobile Phone

This is how all Union Bank customers can check their account balances.

You must first register your phone number by calling *389*032# and following the on-screen instructions. Then, send the following text message to 20123 to check your Union bank account balance: BAL. You should receive your account balance on your phone if there is no network problem.

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Keep in mind that you must use the phone number that you provided when you created your account. Any other phone number will not work for the balance inquiry message.

Explanation The USSD Code to check Union Bank Account Balance on a Mobile Phone is given above.

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