Top Apps for iPhone and Android that Stream Sports

Top Apps for iPhone and Android that Stream Sports – ESPN was dubbed the “Football Hub” because of the wide variety of sports it covered and the vast amount of viewers it attracted. With over 18 million active users each month, ESPN is one of the best online networks for live sports, offering all the most up-to-date content on and game.

This software allows you to watch sports when you’re on the move. It also allows you to build a customized list of your favorite teams and get notifications on the most recent sporting events.

Apps for iPhone and Android that Stream Sports


  • Access to NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc., scores of games.
  • Get team and league stories and videos in your feed.
  • Receive real-time updates and news from your favorite teams.


The user-friendly interface of SuperSport has helped it become more and more successful. SuperSport is an application for live streaming sports that allows you to experience new live streaming levels for football, tennis, and other activities.

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This sports app also allows you to enjoy a lively discussion with all fans’ group talk. The app lets you keep up to date and get game updates from your favorite team. It also sends you a notice for all matches in real-time.

Key Features of SuperSport App

  • Stream events online, watch match highlights, live scores, match plans, news, etc.
  • DStv’s core online support feature provides the best vision stability and support.
  • Additional languages are supported.
  • Buy in-app for live streaming by being Compact Plus subscribers.

CBS Sports

You can enjoy all kinds of live sports events anywhere, and CBS Sports provides one of the best live sports streaming services. You can receive updates and the latest news, scores, statistics, and more from your favorite clubs.

This live sports streaming application enables you to monitor up to 8 games on one screen and change the interface based on your preferences. The application has customization settings.

Key Features of CBS Sports App

  • Free 24-hour network of sports news to get more highlights, statistics, and more.
  • Trackers, match highlights and live coverage of games in real-time.
  • Access from different devices such as desktops, handheld devices, tablets, etc.
  • Fast notifications with scores, statistics, and news alerts.


365Scores’ sports app provides you with a responsive service 24/7, covering ten different sports, including quickest score-updates, live data, broken news, highlights, live tables, and more.

The contents of the app and alerts that make this app unique can be personalized. You can also select and receive an instant notification on your phone from your favorite team and leagues.

Key Features of 365Scores App

  • Live coverage of more than 2000 athletes in 10 different sport 24/7.
  • Customized content and telephone notification systems.
  • Live match tracker to enjoy this match, even if you don’t look at it.


FlashScore keeps you up to date with your favorite teams’ latest news and results, though you cannot watch their games. You will follow the live text comments that are changed every second in the Sports Streaming program. Listed under one of the best free sports streaming apps, it updates you with your team’s roster before the games start and notifies you of the games your preferred teams play if you forget about it.

Key Features of FlashScore App

  • Coverage of 38 individual sports and more than 6000 athletes worldwide.
  • Every few seconds updates on sporting events.
  • Notification reminders not to miss any of your favorite matches.
  • Sync to turn any time between your device, cell phone, or tablet.


Fancred is a popular free streaming sports app that provides live streaming for all sports. The app maintains you with the current match result. It also uploads highlights after the end of the game.

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This sports streaming app offers you the ability to customize your fan profile to chat with other fan companions of your choosing. This app is suitable for any sports enthusiast as it organizes all information on sports, including pictures, competitions, and more.

Key Features of Fancred App

  • Create a personalized profile, select teams, and create a group of athletes.
  • Get the latest news from AllSportsNews directly.
  • Live to stream all your games.
  • You can share with other fans videos, images, and opinions.


It’s always fun to watch live sports and matches. In keeping with your preferences, we’ve chosen a list of some of the best free iOS and Android sports streaming applications. The above apps are different in terms of functionality; however, you can choose your favorite. Just download it and then select everything yourself.

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