Standard Chartered Bank Ussd code*977#: How to Register, Transfer Money and Buy Airtime

    Standard Chartered Bank Ussd code*977#: How to Register, Transfer Money and Buy Airtime – Using mobile banking, internet/Online banking, and USSD codes, financial technology has taken over how banks service their customers. The service is seamless, fast, secure, and dependable. Standard Chartered Bank has unveiled their magic number *977#, which will enable customers to conduct some financial transactions from the comfort of their own homes without having to visit a bank. Fintech allows banks to work in a highly competitive world with almost unlimited growth potential. Depositors can now move money, check their account balance, top-up their Airtime, and block their accounts, among other items.


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    Standard Chartered Bank is a commercial bank in Nigeria that provides a diverse range of products and services in retail, wealth management, commercial, corporate and institutional banking, private, digital, and transaction banking. However, there are conditions for consumers that must be met using the customer’s phone number that is linked to their bank account, depending on the phone form. Furthermore, your 6-digit PIN is needed for transaction authorization on all transactions.


    Application Eligibility

    1.Only individual SCB account holders are eligible for this service. This service is not available to joint account holders or corporate account holders.

    2.An active Standard Chartered Account is needed.

    3.The account’s mobile phone number must be registered for SMS alerts.

    4.Holders of Naira (NGN) Accounts


    How to register for Standard Chartered bank *977# USSD Banking?

    To register, dial *977# and provide the following information about your SCB account:

    1.Account number of 1.10 digits (Naira)

    2.Your Verification Number from the Bank (BVN)

    3.What is your birth date?

    4.You will then be asked to build and validate your 6-digit USSD Transaction PIN. After you’ve finished, you’ll see a message stating that your registration was successful.

    Let’s look at all of the Standard Chartered bank shortcodes available, which include Balance Inquiry, Funds Transfer, Data Subscription, and Airtime Top-up, as well as the ability to block your account in the event of fraud.


    How do I get the 2nd USSD 2nd Level USSD PIN?

    For transactions over 20,000, you can get your 2nd Level USSD PIN via SC Mobile or iBanking.

    • Login > Open Menu > 2nd Level USSD PIN on SC Mobile
    • Login to iBanking > Account Name > 2FA USSD PIN Mgmt
    • To authenticate your submission, you will receive an OTP.
    • Create a 4-digit USSD 2nd Level PIN and validate it with a 4-digit USSD 2nd Level PIN.


    How to transfer money with Standard Chartered bank *977# USSD Banking?

    For Funds Transfer, customers can dial *977*Amount*Account Number#.

    For instance, if you want to pass N5000 to account number 3041674463, simply dial *977*5000*3041674463#.


    What is the transaction limit on *977#?

    You can only conduct 20,000 transactions per day and 100,000 transactions per day for your USSD Banking Transaction. To complete a transaction worth more than 20,000, you’ll need to approve it with a second PIN known as the USSD 2nd Level USSD PIN.


    How to Check Standard Chartered bank Balance Inquiry

    If you are an SCB depositor and want to check your account balance, dial *977*00#, and you will see a screen message is showing your current account balance.


    How to Top-up Airtime for self with Standard Chartered bank *977# USSD

    Simply dial *977*Amount# to purchase Airtime for your phone number that is linked to your bank account.

    Customers who want to purchase an N1000 recharge card for the phone number 09055553115 can dial *977*1000# as an example.


    How to buy Airtime for 3rd party

    If you want to buy a recharge card for a friend or family member, or Airtime for another phone number, the procedure is simple and straightforward: dial *977*Amount*Phone Number#.

    Let’s say you want to buy N500 worth of Airtime for your wife or a relative with the phone number 09071802357. SIMPLY DIAL *977*500*09071802357#.


    How to buy Data for Self

    Since data is so important in our lives, we sometimes feel uneasy when we don’t have it. The opportunity to buy it directly from their bank account by dialing *977*2# is a boon for Standard Chartered Bank.


    How to buy Data for friends and family

    When it comes to giving, we Africans are enthusiastic about our relatives and friends. As a result, we often purchase data and Airtime for them when the need arises. SCB makes it easy, smooth, and fast to do so by dialing *977*2*Phone Number#.


    How to Block Standard Chartered bank accounts

    Clients with Standard Chartered bank accounts can block their accounts by dialing *977# and following the on-screen instructions, or by contacting their bank at or + 234 270 4611-4, 0800 123 5000. You can also use Online Banking to block your Standard Chartered bank account.

    1. Go to the Standard Chartered Net Banking Portal and sign in.

    2.Select ‘Help & Facilities’ from the drop-down menu.

    3. Pick ‘Card Control’ from the drop-down menu.

    4.Select ‘Report Lost/Stolen Card’ from the drop-down screen.

    5.Now you must follow the instructions on the computer.

    6.When the card is done, it will be blocked. A new replacement card will be mailed to the address on paper.

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