Six Subtle Differences Between a Confident and Arrogant

Six Subtle Differences Between a Confident and Arrogant – There’s no denying that the line between arrogance and confidence is relatively fine. Many assert that one trait cannot exist without the other, and to a degree, this is true.
According to Merriam-Webster, the term “arrogant” refers to “people who believe they are better, smarter, or more important than others,” whereas “confidence” refers to “having a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something.”

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I polled twenty girlfriends and gay mates to determine their top five favorite and most minor favorite male characteristics. Arrogance was listed as one of the principal five most despised characteristics, whereas listed confidence as one of the top five most admired characteristics. So what do these broad conclusions tell us? No doubt, there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, and thus between being loved and despised.

How do you distinguish between arrogance and confidence?

If you’re new to dating or simply want to pay more attention to the signs your partner gives off, here are nine hints to help you determine whether your man is arrogant or confident.

1. Subtlety. To begin, you must keep an eye out for modesty. Arrogant men are completely unaware of what this means. They are frequently arrogant about their accomplishments, enjoy blowing their own horn and are constantly showing off. They will never attribute their success to another.

Confident men, on the other hand, will gladly engage you in conversation about their accomplishments but will frequently say things like, “It took a lot of hard work on my part, but I wouldn’t have accomplished what I did without the support of my mentor.”

2. How he interacts with others. Another way to determine whether the man you’re dating is confident or arrogant is to observe how he treats others. That is not to say that I am referring to him sucking up to his boss or more successful friends. I’m referring to wait for staff, cab drivers, housekeepers, the parking lot operator, and the barrister, among others.

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While arrogant men are frequently rude and snappy, confident men never forget their manners. Always keep in mind that a man should be judged not on how he treats his equals but on how he treats those he considers to be lower on the totem pole than him.

3. Admitting errors. Another distinction between a confident and arrogant man is that the former is not afraid to make and admit errors. For instance, if you’re on a date at a pretentious French restaurant where several menu items are listed in French, a confident man is not afraid to ask the server for assistance.

An arrogant man will almost certainly act as if he understands what each item is, despite the fact that he does not speak a word of French. He would rather project to the world that he is infallible and incapable of making a mistake than admit to himself that he has a weakness.

4. Consistent eye contact. A self-assured man will have no difficulty maintaining eye contact with you throughout a conversation. He will almost certainly devote his entire attention to you, urging you to confidently express yourself.

On the other hand, an arrogant man’s gaze is likely to be more slanted. Whether he looks behind you, next to you, or around you, arrogant people are more concerned with finding someone else to speak with, or more precisely, someone else who will benefit them more.

5. His overall demeanor. Your man’s overall demeanor will reveal whether he is arrogant or confident. Arrogant men frequently give the impression that they are superior to everyone else. From the way he flaunts his expensive car to the way he flaunts his gleaming watch, his arrogance will be pervasive, negative, and difficult to miss.

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A confident man will be more down-to-earth and respectful in nature. He may own a high-end car and a $30,000 watch but will choose not to disclose them to you.

6. An aptitude for learning. Arrogant men would rather work their buttocks off than give the impression that they know everything when, in fact, they know nothing. A confident man will work his tail off to learn and excel at something. He is not ashamed to admit that he is incapable of accomplishing something and will make a concerted effort to accomplish it. His assurance stems from the knowledge that he will eventually learn what he needs to learn, but he hasn’t arrived yet.

While confidence and arrogance may appear to be synonymous, these indicators can assist you in distinguishing the two. Once you do, you’ll be able to tell whether the guy you’re with is simply there to brag about his abilities or if he truly believes in them.

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