How To View Instagram On The Web Online

How To View Instagram On The Web Online – Below is an overview of Instagram on the web and how you should use it.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account or create a new one by visiting in any web browser. After logging in, you’ll see your news feed tab, which has a similar appearance to the mobile app.
  2. You can connect with the posts in your news feed in much the same way as you can with the smartphone app when you scroll down through them. Look for the heart, comment, or share buttons in each post to like it, leave a comment, or give it to a friend. You can also save it to your bookmarked posts by pressing the bookmark button on the right. To insert the post into a web page, flag it as inappropriate material, or do something else, click the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. More icons will appear in the top-right corner of the screen. One resembles a miniature compass. Choose it to see a simplified version of the Explore tab with recommended users to follow and thumbnails of their most recent posts.
  4. When you click the heart button at the top of the screen, a small window appears with a summary of all your most recent interactions. To see them all, scroll down.
  5. To view your Instagram profile, click the user icon. When other users click or tap your name, they will be directed to this page. Adjust your personal information and other account details such as your password, approved applications, comments, email, and SMS settings by clicking Edit Profile next to your username.
  6. To view a full-size version of any picture on your profile, click on it. It will look the same as an individual post page, but the interactions will be shown to the right side of the post rather than below it.
  7. Per Instagram profile has its own URL. To access your own or someone else’s Instagram web profile, go to Simply substitute “username” with your own.

Instagram Privacy Concerns

As long as your profile is public, everyone on the internet can view your pictures. Set your profile to private if you don’t want strangers to see your messages. Only users you approved will be able to see you, as long as they are signed in to the accounts one approved to follow you.

Limitations With Instagram via the Web

From a standard web browser, you can do a lot with Instagram—except post new stuff. There is currently no way to upload, edit, or post images or videos to your Instagram account from the internet. To do so, you must first install the Instagram app on a compatible mobile device.

You can’t even chat with Facebook mates, see posts you’ve liked, handle blocked accounts, clear the search history, or do a few other only available via the app. However, you can temporarily disable your Instagram account via the web rather than the app.

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Despite some of these limitations, it’s still reassuring to know that you can easily search your feed, discover new content, customize your user settings, and connect with other users just as you do on the app. It’s a useful choice when small screens and touch keyboards become more of an annoyance than a benefit.

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