How to Send Greeting Cards on Facebook

How to Send Greeting Cards on Facebook – One can have a lot of fun doing this on Facebook by sending cards to friends from your account. Facebook comes with lots of animated cards that allow for all kinds of different occasions, including birthdays, holidays, family reunions, friendships, and romantic partnerships. What kind of cards would you find: Funny, loving, naughty, witty, or all in between?

Send Birthday Card GIFs on Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to submit animated birthday cards with any message. The list is searchable and contains plenty of birthday wishes, both conventional and tongue-in-cheek.

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  • If you go to your friend’s Facebook profile, you will only be able to post to the message to the individual, not a public Wall.
  • Click in the Write something to [name] field to open a Create Post screen.
  • Type a message and pick any GIF at the bottom of the screen.
  • It is a common misunderstanding to believe that you can simply type your birthday into the search field on the Choose a GIF screen.
  • Scroll through the search results and pick a birthday GIF.
  • Add any additional comments you want to make, and then select Post.
  • If you prefer that additional people see the birthday post, start at your profile page. Click the What’s on your mind field to open the Create Post tab.
  • Enter your recipient’s name after an ampersand (@). Choose a recipient from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • To open the Select Audience window, select the audience selector under your name.
  • Select the audience with which you want the birthday card to be shown.

Select the GIF icon and add a birthday picture like you would for a single recipient. To deliver the message to your recipient as well as those in the audience you chose, tap Post.

Greeting Card Pages on Facebook

You can also find Facebook Pages that link to card-sharing websites with a variety of cards for all occasions. To get to these websites, go to:

  • Go to your Facebook page and look at your profile.
  • Select the magnifying glass at the top of the screen and check for Facebook birthday cards in the search area.
  • Select Pages from the sidebar of the search results.
  • Select one of the Pages from the list to visit its Facebook page.

Some of the card designs are shown on the Facebook Page, and you are led to a website or an app. For the most seamless approach, look for one that directly mentions “Facebook” or “Share.” Many websites and applications have a Facebook button that allows you to connect to your friends’ profiles. Follow the site’s or app’s instructions.

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Alternative search words, such as free greeting cards, may be entered into the search bar.

How Facebook’s Privacy Functions

You have complete control of who sees your personal information and the content you share on the network. Adapt the privacy settings to your comfort level to restrict what people may see about you.

Person controls are also available via the audience selector button below the publishing box. You may modify the viewing permission for posts on a case-by-case basis, for example. You may want to keep your wild and ridiculous habits secret from your work colleagues and parents and just show them to your closest friends. You may also choose which friends’ notifications appear on your Timeline by deleting them or snoozing them.

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