How to Create a 737 Pin and how to Retrieve Forgotten Pin with GTBank

How to Create a 737 Pin and how to Retrieve Forgotten Pin with GTBank – GTBank’s 737 USSD Banking Service is Nigeria’s most robust USSD banking network, outperforming its competitor’s rivals and raising the standard for mobile banking creativity. It is known for its simplicity and quality.

The Bank has continued to expand the 737 service platform’s services and features to make mobile banking easy, fast, and safe. On the 737 banking network, GTBank recently introduced a Personalized Identification Number (PIN) to complete transactions. Customers can now establish a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) and use it to authenticate their transactions.

How to Create a 737 PIN

Simply dial *737*5# to create a PIN for all your 737 transactions. To prove that you are the account holder, complete the verification procedure and generate a password—4-digit PIN (known only to you).

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The use of a PIN for 737 transactions increases the platform’s security even further. It strikes the ideal balance between the ease of completing transactions with a single dial and the safety of ensuring that your account will remain secure even if you lose your phone.

Remember that your 737 PIN is just as valuable as your ATM PIN or internet banking information, so never give it out or keep it anywhere where a third party might see it. If you think your password has been compromised, immediately repeat the Build PIN procedure by dialing *737*5# and select a new set of four digits to authenticate your 737 transactions.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Gtbank ATM Card Pin

This can happen to anybody, but it’s more likely to happen to people who have a lot of money do the majority of their transactions online, which means you haven’t used your GTB card at an ATM in a long time. You are protected if you have registered for Gtbank online banking. One of the many benefits of enabling internet banking on your GTB account is the ability to retrieve your Gtbank ATM card Pin quickly.

However, this isn’t the only option; you can also get your missing PIN by calling the Gtbank customer service number. If you haven’t yet registered for Gtbank online banking, I suggest that you do so now by reading our previous article on applying for Gtbank online banking. If you’re logging in from a browser and using the Gtbank mobile banking app, the process is slightly different.

  • Go to the Gtbank online banking login page ( or open the Gtbank mobile app if you have it enabled.
  • Use your Gtbank login credentials to access internet banking (User ID and password).
  • If you’re using the mobile app, tap on Cards & Cheques.
  • For the mobile banking app, choose Pin Retrieval or Card PIN Retrieval.
  • Pick your card, enter the card expiration date, answer your security question, and enter the transaction code created from the token on the site, then click Submit.
  • Enter the token code sent to the phone number associated with your bank account in the Gtbank mobile app and tap Retrieval; if you don’t get the OTP code, dial *737*7# and enter the last six digits of your ATM card.
  • In a pop-up message warning, your Gtbank ATM card pin will be shown.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to getting your GTBank naira, dollar MasterCard, or Visa card pin via the internet banking site. If you haven’t applied for Gtbank online banking yet, you should call customer service to get it back.

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Was this method effective in retrieving your Gtbank atm card PIN? Do you prefer to contacting a customer service representative? Please let us know in the comments section below, and please inform others by sharing this message. Stay tuned for information on how to recover your Gtbank internet banking login information and customer service information/contacts.

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