How To Close a Yahoo Account And Delete Yahoo Mail

How To Close a Yahoo Account And Delete Yahoo Mail – We walked you through each step of closing your Yahoo mail account and deleting all of your data. Due to security issues, Yahoo has been losing popularity for some time. How can I get rid of my Yahoo mail account?

Yahoo Mail has recently become an email service that has sparked security concerns and has seen its popularity dwindle. In 2013, the company revealed that the account information of 1 billion users had been compromised. Aside from that, the company announced that 500 million user records had been stolen. As a result, Yahoo is regarded as a highly criminal email service.

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Following these events, Yahoo’s popularity has dwindled, raising security concerns among its users. At the time, many users used Microsoft and Google’s email services. We’ve discussed how users can delete their Yahoo mail accounts using the Yahoo mail extension in this context.

How to delete a Yahoo mail account?

Your Yahoo mail account will be deleted once the process is completed.

Enter the Yahoo mail login page:

To delete a Yahoo mail account, go to the Yahoo mail login page by clicking here. With the link, you can go straight to the account deletion page. If you enter through its own site, the account settings section will take you to the same page. You can use the Yahoo mail extension to log in with your email address and password after clicking the link we provided.

Sign in with your email and password:

The page you entered after clicking the link first asks for your email address with a Yahoo mail extension. You can use the “Forgot Your Username” option if you’ve forgotten your email address. We say Next after you’ve entered your email address. Your Yahoo mail password must now be entered. With the Forgot Your Password option in this section, you can learn your password.

After logging in, you’ll see the page shown above. After reading this, go to the bottom of the page and click “Continue deleting my account.” In the text, it explains in detail what will happen if you delete your account. Additionally, your account will be deleted 30 days after you do this.

Verify Yahoo mail address:

You’ll be directed to a page where you must verify your email address after clicking “Continue deleting my Yahoo mail account.” Your email address with the Yahoo mail extension must be entered here. After you’ve typed in the address, click “Yes, terminate this account.”

The process is complete; what happens now?

You’ll see the page in the image if you have completed the operations. Now you have to wait 30 days. When the timer runs out, your Yahoo account’s information will be deleted. As a result, before performing any of these operations, you should carefully consider what data you want to remove. If you have a Flickr account, you will no longer be able to log in using Yahoo mail.

What information will be deleted after Yahoo mail deletion?

  • Yahoo mail extension to your email address
  • In your account, you have address books.
  • Your Flickr profile
  • Your Yahoo company information
  • You should keep track of all emails you send and receive.
  • Your Yahoo account information
  • Information about your HotJobs application.

All posts, contacts, and data associated with your email address will be deleted after the 30-day waiting period. After a certain period of time, someone else may be able to have your email address deleted. Aside from that, anyone with a Yahoo mail business account will have all information about their company deleted. That’s why, before you delete anything, you should make a backup of important documents and emails.

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Last but not least, your Flickr account will be deactivated. Flickr is primarily used with Yahoo mail. Unfortunately, if you have a Flickr account, for this reason, it will be deleted once you delete your Yahoo mail account. We’d like to alert you to an important issue right now. According to the Yahoo site, some information is saved even after an account is deleted. Those who use a Yahoo paid service, in particular.

To undelete, you must log back into your account. You can do this by going to the website. You can also download Yahoo mail from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The application also allows you to configure your Yahoo mail account.

This is how Yahoo mail deletion works. There is a 30-day waiting period after completing all of the steps. The length of the waiting period varies by country. Someone else could get the same name as you if you delete your account. Apart from that, Yahoo will erase almost all of your previously stored data. If you recently purchased a paid service, the information stored here may be kept for a more extended period, depending on the circumstances.


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