How to Check National Housing Fund NHF

How to Check National Housing Fund NHF – The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, or FMBN, was founded with the aim of providing housing to all citizens of Nigeria. Act 3 of 1992 created the National Housing Fund (NHF), which authorizes mortgage institutions to receive 2.5 percent of each employee’s basic salary in Nigeria each month as the National Housing Funds Collection (NHF) contribution.

A home improvement loan, a rent-to-own housing package, a National Housing Fund loan, and a capital market loan are all included in the kit.

National Housing Fund Scheme (NHF)

National Housing Fund (NHF) is a Federal Government-sponsored scheme under which all civil servants and organized private-sector workers in the country are required to contribute 2.5 percent of their monthly salaries to the fund’s administrators, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. Union Homes Savings and Loans Plc provides access to the fund for employees of various companies who are committed donors to the scheme. This scheme allows for the borrowing of up to # 5 million at a rate of 6% interest over a 30-year term.

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National Housing Fund (NHF) Loan Scheme Requirements

  • Union Homes has an account with us.
  • Must contribute to the fund for a minimum of six months
  • Possess sufficient proof of a consistent source of income to guarantee the loan
  • Submit an application for a mortgage loan using a prescribed mortgage loan application form.
  • Submit certified copies of all valid title documents (Cof O)
  • Survey/site plans that have been approved
  • Building proposals that have been approved
  • Consent letter to Union Homes Savings and Loans Limited
  • Where applicable, a costed bill of quantities
  • Where appropriate, a valuation report prepared by a firm of registered surveyors and valuers
  • Letter of Offer / Acceptance and Allocation (In case of Governments projects)
  • In the case of a registered self-employed person, he or she must send a copy of the Articles and Memorandum of Association, as well as a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation evidencing his or her employment status.

In today’s discussion, we’ll look at how to retrieve your NHF number and review your monthly contributions.

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The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria launched a USD code that allows you to perform mortgage financial transactions without having to visit a mortgage intuition for verification, as we frequently want to know if our contribution has been received.

*219# is the magical USSD CODE that performs all assignments… This code enables you to access contact information, a request for a statement of account, a business board, and a mortgage calculator from the convenience of your office or home.

What is the ussd code?

USSD banking is a form of banking that enables you to conduct financial transactions by simply dialing a shortcode on your phone. It is not dependent on the internet/web. The USSD is a networking technology based on the Global System for Mobile (GSM).

How to Retrieve National House Fund NHF Number

If you previously registered your mobile phone number with FMBN, you can retrieve your NHF Number on the go.

To start, follow these steps:

1. Send a message by dialing *219#.

2. Enter three and submit

Click the “Cancel” button to terminate the service.

How to Check NHF Monthly Contributions

Subscribers may check the status of their donation for any month during the current calendar year.

This is to ensure that your monthly contribution(s) has been made to the scheme.

To start, follow these steps:


1. Send a message by dialing *219#.

2. Enter two and apply

3. Enter one and press send.

4. Enter the exact month, ranging from 1 to 12, and submit

Please NOTE: You may type 00 to return to the previous screen or press the “Cancel” button to exit the service from each submenu.

Mobile App

Additionally, you can download the FMBN Mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Then build an account with your personal information and conduct all transactions from the comfort of your home.

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