How to Check JAMB Admission Status via JAMB CAPS

How to Check JAMB Admission Status via JAMB CAPS – The JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) is a computerized admissions system. Admissions processing system designed to ensure quality control, accountability, and integrity in the admissions process. In the JAMB portal, JAMB CAPS provides a “marketplace” where institutions can “request students in Nigeria who score their cut off points.” You’ve got the option to accept or reject an admission offer received via the JAMB CAPS portal.

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How To Check JAMB Admission Status on Your JAMB Profile through JAMB CAPS and How to Accept or Reject Your Admission Offer

Follow the simple steps outlined below to check your admission status on the JAMB CAPS portal.

  • Go to the JAMB eFacility Portal to access the JAMB portal. (We suggest you use a laptop or desktop computer or the Chrome plugin on your smartphone.)
  • Use your email address and password to log in.
  • Then go to Check Admission Status and press it.
  • Do not be concerned if the page displays Welcome. Shift the page’s view from Mobile View to Desktop View using the options icon on your phone’s browser (located in the top right corner of the screen on Google Chrome).
  • On the left line, pick Admission Status.
  • Check to see if you’ve been admitted after your information has been successfully loaded.
  • You’ll find that the Accept Admission and Reject Admission buttons are working if you’ve been accepted. The buttons will look faint if this is not done. By clicking on the corresponding button in your Admission Profile, you can now accept or reject your admission bid.

NB: You might not see the option to check your Admission Status on JAMB CAPS if you are using a tablet. The welcome message may be the first thing that most phone users see. Since you must view the entire page in desktop mode, the caps page only displays the welcome message. This is why, if you’re on a tablet, the Chrome browser is recommended. All you have to do is go to Chrome’s settings and select the request desktop site to see the entire website, as described in the steps above.


  • Successfully accepted candidates are advised to indicate their approval or rejection of admission electronically as soon as possible to enable their admission to be processed.
  • Candidates who have not been offered admission should use JAMB CAPS to monitor their status.
  • Candidates who selected “awaiting result” during registration must submit their O’Level results to the JAMB portal so that their preferred institution can process their application. Follow the steps below.

Alternative Means to Check Your JAMB Admission Status

Follow the steps below to review your results directly from the JAMB E-facility page:

  • Use the same username and password you used to register for JAMB to access your JAMB profile.
  • After successfully signing in, please scroll down to the Check Admission Status tab and click it.
  • Choose your exam year and fill in the appropriate column with your JAMB registration number.
  • Finally, check your admission status by clicking Check Admission Status.


If your school has yet to issue an acceptance list, it will say under the tag ‘Admission Status’: “admission in progress, check back later.” You won’t be able to press the ‘Accept admission’ or ‘Reject admission’ buttons in this situation. So, in this case, the most you can do is wait.

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