Getting a Used LEGO at Cheaper Rate (Tips & Tricks to Save Money)

How to Buy Used LEGO and Get it Cheap (Tips & Tricks to Save Money) – Today, we’re going to discuss How to Purchase Used LEGO at a Discount. Adding to your LEGO collection is unavoidable if you are a huge LEGO fan, and the cost of those little bricks will easily add up.

Through using the articles on this page (previously, we published a famous post, How to Save Money on LEGO, which discussed several great ways to save on new LEGO), you will find the best deals on used LEGO and feel good about providing more parts for your LEGO fan. Because you know they’re going to request additional funds, correct!? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

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There are several locations you can find great offers on used LEGO! We are covering ALL of the great ways to save. The majority of which we have personally attempted, as well as a few others that friends and family have attempted.

As with the previous post, we’ll discuss successful ways to save money on LEGO at each store/location. Get ready to save!

How to Buy Used LEGO and Get it Cheap

Each of the above-mentioned ways to save money on LEGO is successful!

Bear in mind that some strategies for repurposing LEGO would be more beneficial to you than others.

It is truly about:

  • What you seek
  • Wherever you reside
  • What specials are currently available when you search?

I’ve included basic details about each method of purchasing used LEGO below.

Try a few and determine which ones meet your needs and which ones have the best results. You can purchase a variety of different forms of LEGO used. LEGO sets, LEGO mini figures, LEGO elements, bricks, plates, and technic pieces are only some of the items available. Almost everything that has been manufactured can be found used.

Buying Used LEGO on eBay

eBay can be an excellent source for LEGO.

Take note that I said “could.” Additionally, it can be a horrible place to purchase LEGO. It is entirely up to the seller.

Although some sellers are fantastic and provide competitive prices, others have very little value for money. Here are some sound tips to assist you in obtaining a successful eBay deal. On eBay, you can purchase almost any combination of LEGO:

LEGO sets\sbulk assortments\sspecific number of pieces\sa group of minifigs,\sor even manuals.

There is a sizable variety available.

Here is what you need to be conscious of:

Buying LEGO in Bulk on eBay – How to Buy Used LEGO and Get it Cheap

Get actual assortment photos. If you’re going to buy in bulk, you can exercise caution to ensure that you get what you pay for. You’ll want to ensure that the images you’re seeing are of the actual assortment that will be sent to you. If they show a picture and indicate that random bricks will be sent, proceed with caution.

Beware cherry-picking. Numerous bulk assortments have already cherry-picked the best parts (elements, specialty bricks, and Minifigures – minifigs) for resale elsewhere. Again, you want to see an accurate representation of what you are purchasing. If all the desirable parts are sold out, you will be forced to pay a premium for the less expensive bricks.

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Check shipping costs. If shipping is not included in the bid price, be sure to measure it prior to bidding. Bulk LEGO can be costly to ship due to its weight. If the shipping cost is high, you may inquire as to how it is calculated. Depending on the size of the order, the best way to ship LEGO is most likely through flat rate priority mail boxes or Fed Ex.

Evaluate seller feedback and ensure that no concerns are received about the assortments sent. This is critical. Consider more than the star ranking. Make sure you check people’s reviews on the real LEGO assortments they sell.

Look for 100% LEGO. Certain sellers include non-LEGO items in their assortments, and you don’t want to pay top dollar for non-LEGO components. Look for lots that are entirely made of LEGO. If the listing does not state this, either skip it or contact the seller to inquire.

Avoid sold by the number of bricks. Certain vendors will group together 50 or 100 bricks. Ensure that the size you are purchasing is right. If you have bricks on hand, assemble an array close to what you will get. One hundred bricks can seem like a lot before you see the small pile. Personally, I believe there are more effective and cost-effective ways to add to your collection than this one.

$7.00 a pound. Some people say the price to shoot for on bulk LEGO is $7.00 a pound.

Purchase Used LEGO on craigslist – Buy Used LEGO and Get it Cheap.

I’ll begin by saying that if you buy on Craigslist, take all appropriate precautions, including meeting in a public place for the transaction.

Coffee shops are convenient because they have a large crowd and tables to put the merchandise on as you check to see if it is what you planned.

You may also meet at some police stations or meetup locations. There is a meetup station in our neighborhood that is monitored by the police department. However, it is located on the far side of town, making it inconvenient for us.

While the majority of Craigslist transactions go smoothly, you do want to be cautious. On Craigslist, you can find great offers on LEGO, but you have to know what you’re doing.

Shop many locations, not only in your immediate geographic region. The selection on CL is not geographically limited, as you can inquire about shipping costs. I include this tip because most people don’t consider it.

Prices vary widely. Certain individuals act as resellers and charge exorbitant prices for their wares. Ensure that you are aware of your costs. TIP: Review retail rates, Amazon, and eBay to see how much sets are selling for and determine whether you believe you are getting a good deal.

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Act Fast. LEGO is in high demand, so you must act quickly. Sort by today’s date and review frequently. If you come across anything you want, contact the seller immediately via email or text. The offer will go to the quickest bidder.

You can bargain. Generally, this works well when purchasing several products from the same vendor. Consider negotiating a deal and obtaining a discount for purchasing several sets or the entirety of their inventory.

Do you have more? Still inquire as to whether they have any additional pieces for sale. You’d be surprised at what you might come across if you did this!

Advertise. Place an ad saying you will buy use LEGO sets or used LEGO in bulk.

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