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    Facebook Dating on Desktop – Facebook is presently one of the most popular social media platforms. It is well-known for making new friends and reconnecting with old ones; additionally, you can talk with friends in private chat rooms or group chats. Facebook is accessible on the majority, if not all, devices with internet access. You can access Facebook through the Facebook site or the Facebook mobile app on your mobile device, but the Facebook web is the better choice for desktops and laptops. Facebook provides a plethora of services and features, the majority of which are free. Today, we’re going to talk about Facebook dating on mobile and Facebook dating on desktop.

    Facebook Dating is a digital dating service created by the social media giant. There is currently no online version; it is only available on Android and iOS via the Facebook mobile app. In this article, we focus on desktop and personal computers.

    Facebook Dating on Desktop | Facebook Dating on PC

    On the desktop, Facebook dating is possible through the Facebook dating feature or Facebook dating groups. Facebook’s dating operates similarly to other dating websites, with one notable exception: Facebook dating is entirely free and offers enhanced protection and privacy. Facebook dating is still a relatively new feature on Facebook; it is not yet available in all regions, but it is eventually expanding to all areas. If the Facebook dating feature is not available on your part, you can still search for dates via Facebook groups.

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    Facebook dating on a desktop computer is essentially the same as Facebook dating on any other device that can access Facebook. When you’re using the Facebook dating feature, you can use the hidden crush feature to pick nine of your friends that you’re crushing on; Facebook will notify them but withhold information about who the crush is. If you are fortunate enough to be your crush’s crush, Facebook will disclose your identities to one another. Nothing that occurs inside the Facebook dating feature shows on your profile or newsfeed page.

    When using Facebook dating on a desktop computer, you would not need a separate login because the function is within Facebook. All you need to get started with Facebook dating is an active Facebook account and a few taps and clicks. By default, Facebook dating ensures that all your actions inside the service remain anonymous, but you can always change this setting.

    How to Use FB Dating in Desktop

    As I previously said, Facebook dating on a desktop computer and Facebook dating on any other device capable of accessing Facebook are essentially the same. Learn how to use Facebook dating on a desktop computer by following the steps below.

    • Connect your laptop to an internet connection.
    • Navigate to from your web browser.
    • Access your account by logging in.
    • Navigate to your profile page.
    • To begin, click on the red heart icon.

    After completing the preceding steps, you can begin using Facebook dating on your desktop. Still, the app recommends that you first set up your dating profile before fully utilizing this function.


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