Facebook Dating Is Now Active: How I Recovered The Facebook Dating App After it Stopped Showing Up

Facebook Dating Is Now Active: How I Recovered The Facebook Dating App After it Stopped Showing Up – Facebook Dating will be integrated into the Facebook app but will use a different messaging mechanism from Facebook Messenger. Your first name and age will be taken from your current Facebook profile, but the rest of your dating profile can be completely customized.

Facebook Dating incorporates elements from other dating applications and websites. Like Hinge, users can respond to questions posed by the app to gain insight into a potential partner’s interests and preferences. For instance, it prompts daters to “describe your ideal day.”

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To prevent exchanges that begin with “Hey” or “What’s up,” initial messages must be linked to a particular feature of someone’s profile. Users are encouraged to comment on photographs with phrases such as “What a beautiful landscape, where was that shot taken?” or “My ideal day also includes watching ‘Wayne’s World’ seven times!”

Unlike Bumble or Tinder, where messaging can begin only after both parties indicate an interest in one another, Facebook Dating allows you to message someone before they show an interest in you — but only once. Before you can send a second post, they must “like” you back.

Who you’ll be matched with

You’ll be shown potential matches based on an algorithm that considers your gender, age, and location preferences, as well as the interests you’ve “liked” on Facebook, the groups you’re a part of, and the events you’ve attended.

You will not be paired with any existing Facebook mates. According to Hung, the company wants to avoid unintentionally recommending that people date their uncle or coworkers, and developers thought that people had already considered dating their other Facebook friends.

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The service will initially show you matches with whom you share mutual friends, but you may opt-out — Hung says this due to feedback from LGBTQ organizations that certain queer people might not be out to all of their friends.

Hung also mentioned that providing a range of gender choices, including “trans male,” “trans woman,” and “non-binary/two-spirit,” was a priority for the Canadian industry.

How it hopes to compete in the crowded online dating market

Facebook is hoping that data about users’ groups and events would give its dating site an advantage over competing apps. It will facilitate user matching based on shared interests; Hung explained: “It’s like a singles room for all the groups you’re a part of.”

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to “unlock” dating for upcoming activities, allowing you to see possible matches that will be attending the same concert or party as you.

A ‘work in progress.’

The Canadian launch of Facebook Dating will include two features that were not available during the product’s initial launch in Colombia in September. “Second Look” allows you to rethink previously rejected matches, while “Pause Matching” will enable you to continue communicating with your recent matches while taking a break from new people.

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Although Facebook is confident in its product, Hung says the company is hoping the Canadian and Thai releases will provide enough input and knowledge that will help them prepare for a potential launch in the United States.

“It is, without a doubt, still a work in progress,” she said.

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