Data Plans provided by MTN Ors

Data Plans provided by MTN Ors

Are you looking for the cheapest data plans that you can use? This article will show you the most affordable data plans for MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile.

These data plans are designed to help everyone; you will be able to communicate with your friends and family, as well as keep up to date on the latest trends, news, and gossips, with these low-cost data plans.

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The cheapest data plans provided by MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile are as follows:

Double Data MTN

MTN’s Double Data bid doubles the data by a factor of 100. For example, if you subscribe to a 5GB monthly plan, you will receive an additional 5GB for free, bringing your total to a 10GB monthly plan.

While it is supposed to be open to all MTN SIM cards, if yours isn’t, don’t worry; there is a workaround. Follow the steps below to get started:

By SMS, send PROMO to 131. You’ll get a message saying, “thank you for your order for a system package at naira 1/day,” to which you can respond with one and pick any MTN data plan to subscribe to.

MTN 4GB for N1000/1GB for N200 MTN has released a new data package plan that allows you to unlock 4GB for N1000 for 30 days and 1GB for N200, which includes 250MB for N100. To get started, dial *131*65#.

Double Data on Airtel

The Airtel Double Data bonus gives you 100% of your subscribed data back as a bonus, so if you subscribe to 5GB on Airtel, you’ll get an additional 5GB, for a total of 10GB of data each month.

It does not work on all Airtel SIM cards; it only works on new Airtel SIM cards, and there are no modifications that can be made to make them work on SIMs that are not eligible.

Dial *144# to see if your Airtel SIM is valid. You’ll get a message that says something like, “Enjoy Airtel 100% Double Data….”

Since the message can not appear in certain cases, you may need to verify it by subscribing to a lower data plan to see whether your SIM is qualified for double data.

For N1000, Airtel offers 3GB of data.

This is yet another low-cost data package plan for Airtel customers, with a 3GB monthly plan available for just N1000. Dial *431# if you’re interested in signing up. To check your balance, dial *140#.

Youtube Bundle from Airtel

This package allows you to get 4.5GB for N1000 and 19GB for N4,000 for a period of 30 days if you want to subscribe to this package, dial *323# and follow the prompts.

Package for Airtel Unlimited Data

When you consider the advantage of being able to surf the internet without limitation for a month, this is a very appealing data plan.

This kit costs N10,000 and has a one-month validity period. Dial *471# or *141# and follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe to this data bundle.

Double Data Bonus Package from Glo

Glo’s double data deal is open to all new and existing customers and is connected to their current plans. There are no qualifying requirements for this double data bonus plus.

To take advantage of this offer, dial *777# to buy a Glo data plan; the next auto-renewal will double data. To check your double info, simply dial *127*0#.

Glo Monthly Subscriptions

You are all aware that Glo Nigeria has its data rates, but the prices have not changed. Previously, you could get 2GB for N500, 3.2GB for N1000, and 7.5GB for N2,000, but that is no longer the case. The new monthly schedule is as follows:

1. 500 for 14 days of 1GB

2. 1000 for 30 days of 2GB

3. Spend $2,000 to get 4.5GB of storage for 30 days.

4. 2,500 for 30 days of 10GB

Double Data Bonus on 9Mobile (Morecliq)

You must be on the Morecliq tariff plan to take advantage of this offer (formally easycliq). Simply dial *244*1# to switch to the 9mobile Morecliq tariff schedule.

Then, to unlock the 9mobile double data offer, dial *545# and select the 100% double data option. Then dial *200# to purchase a 9Mobile data plan.

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9Mobile is a mobile phone service provider. For the N200, 1GB/1.5GB is recommended.

One of the biggest successes since the change of ownership from Etisalat to 9Mobile is the 1GB data for 200 without tweaking, which all of their users love.

The 9Mobile 1GB for N200 deal is only valid for three days. However, by re-subscribing at the end of each plan, you can get 5GB for N1000. To subscribe, dial *929*10#.

9Mobile offers 4.5GB for N500 and 1.5GB for N200. To subscribe to the 4.5GB data plan, dial *229*10*16# and then *229*10*15#.


This new 9Mobile service gives you a 250 percent airtime bonus, free 1.5GB of data, and a free weekly chat pack. After you’ve used up your free 1GB, you can get another 1GB for N500 on your next subscription. Being on 9Mobile is a fantastic experience.

However, you must obtain a new SIM card from one of the nearby walk-in centers in order to enable this plan. Register it, recharge it with any volume, and take advantage of all the offers.

9Mobile Youtube Streaming

Youtube streaming is available on 9Mobile for monthly plans starting at 1GB for 30 days and 4GB for N3000 for 30 days. It is compatible with all 9Mobile SIM cards and smartphones.

It’s important to remember that it’s only active when you sign up for a monthly data plan. To get started, dial *200# from any phone, choose 3 for the data option, and purchase any data plan you want.

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