Code for MTN 1GB for #200 and How to Activate

    Code for MTN 1GB for #200 and how to Activate – MTN’s 200 for 1GB data plan has been around for a while, but the majority of MTN users are unaware of it or do not know how to activate it. In 2019, Mtn introduced the Mtn Data plan 200 for 1 GB promotion. This is an excellent return campaign for users who have recently sent their missing sim a “welcome back” message.

    However, this promotion is not limited to users who have received a welcome back to their sim; you can also take advantage of it on your mtn sim if you do not have a welcome back. Do you wish to know how I accomplished this feat? How is this so? Simply continue reading that post to learn how to obtain a 1gbmtn200, qualify, and obtain the promo code.

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    This promotion is not limited to 1GB monthly for 200 but also includes a 4GB monthly whooping scheme for only 1000, as well as smaller tasks such as 250MB for 100 for three days and a 2GB bi-weekly plan for 500. You can use these files to download and stream music and videos online, and Mtn is out to get us. Additionally, you will communicate and browse the internet via all social media platforms. Continue reading to learn how you can both obey and contribute to it.

    Mtn 1GB for 200

    Mtn 200 for 1GB is one of the most affordable data plans available to its customers. You’ll agree with me that if like me, you’re still on the internet, it’s like a dream come true. While we are all aware of how expensive a decent and sustainable MTN data plan can be, this 200 GBM data plan has convinced me otherwise.

    If you have an MTN sim and are unaware of the 200naira for 1GB data plan, you simply need to wake up. MTN’s 200 for 1 GB data plan has been available since 2019 and many people, including myself, adore it. However, some appear to be unable to board the train due to their sims’ inability to board the train, for which they have no explanation.

    Now, if you’re a member of this team, you’ll understand why you’re not eligible for the $200 for 1GB data plan and how to register normally and remain versatile.


    As previously stated, this 200 mtn data plan was referred to as a promotional ‘Welcome back,’ implying that it was for anyone who missed their mtn sim and returned with a warm welcome. This deal enables some users to welcome them back, and they will have three months to take advantage of it.

    Now that I understand what you’re thinking, may I return and accept all of my MTN sims that are currently active? This is not a prudent decision, given your awareness of the consequences of cutting all ties. Rather than that, I recommend that you deactivate your SIM card for at least 30 days before reactivating it.

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    What am I referring to precisely? What am I referring to precisely? After uninstalling the sim, you will be unable to reload, subscribe to, or call your mtn symbol for at least 30 days, at which point you will be able to fill it and resume using it. This may seem absurd to those who have had an active official line for an extended period of time. That is why it would be simpler to do this with the less frequently used lines. Leave them inactive for at least 30 days before reactivating them via phone.

    This is not always the case, as this arrangement is frequently restricted, but it frequently works. On my other MTN account, I followed the same procedure and qualified for this promotion. For over five months, I’ve been flexing and enjoying this promotion, which gives me three months of credibility.

    It would be beneficial if you tried, but following the rejection of the mtn data plan 200, I was denied the 1GB promo for my primary active SIM. I’m still entitled to it because I did it again a few months ago. (Please keep in mind that this is my official sim, which has been operational without a welcome back for ten years.) As a result, keep trying your mtn symbols; you never know when you might get lucky if you qualify for the mtn data plan 200 for 1 GB, for example.

    Code for Mtn 200 naira 1GB 

    You can now begin using this 200-GB mtn code and enjoy this fantastic scheme for those eligible for this promotion.

    To check if you are enrolled and involved, enter *131*65#. When you qualify, a list of data plans will be shown, and your preferred method should be chosen. You will see a list of data plans;

    1. 250MB 3 – Days Plan: Costs N100
    2. 1GB Weekly Plan: Costs N200
    3. 4GB Monthly Plan: Costs N1000
    4. 2GB Bi-Weekly Plan: Costs N500

    If you are eligible for the 200 for 1 GB/min promo, you are unfortunately ineligible for this bid… or “ops appear to be incorrect in the code you used,” you will see a message similar to this. If you received one of the messages, you would be made aware that this offer does not apply to your mtn sim. The only thing you can do right now is to continue down the path I described previously, and you may be fortunate one day.

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    Dial * 131 * 4 # to verify and apply promotional balances. Your data balance and expiration date are displayed. The data plan above 200 mtn 1 GB is valid for seven days. This package may be extended regardless of whether it is used or not until it expires after seven days.

    However, a 200-day plan requires an additional kit of mtn 1GB. Additionally, the plan is available as an official scheme, which means that no one is required to be eligible; however, there is an “instabinge” scheme for that scheme. Therefore, if you use Instagram, you can only use this 24-hour plan before it expires. (I’m assuming this is solely for Instagram purposes.) Simply dial * 131 * 1 #, choose a regular schedule, and then choose 1 GB for the N200 (instabinge).


    Congratulations, if this works for you, it’s the equivalent of increasing the mtn data plan from 200 to 200 for 1GB! This club is open to the general public! All right, now you can keep it on auto-renewal for up to six months and watch an unlimited number of videos and songs. How are you? If you are unable to share this information with your colleagues via email, you can use the Share Button.

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