Choosing a Valid Username for Instagram

    How do I choose a username? 

    Hello, my name is Ashley (Branding Expert), and I’ll walk you through our four-step process for building a username. I’ve included twenty examples of names I came up with during this phase, and then I’ll show you how to come up with your own. To begin, use our username generator above, then scroll down to the first step in the naming process. 

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    Abracanope, abracanope, abracan 

    Aficionado is a term used to describe anyone who enjoys fishing 

    Slamboozle Ambrosaur 


    Noodles for cats 

    Why are you catering? 

    Cuckoo’s call 

    Ribbit (blue) 

    Gator Hedgehound Riot Gobbeldy 

    Kitten squabble 


    Baked biscuits 

    Puppy Mud 


    Phantonemesis is a form of phantasm. 





    We are using our User Name Generator to come up with a special username! 

    There are four steps to choosing a username. 

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    This four-step procedure will guide you through the process of creating a username. In this case, I’m coming up with a username that expresses shared interests cutely or interestingly. Here’s a breakdown of how I came up with these usernames. 

    #1) Make a list of possible names. 

    Begin by thinking of terms that could be used in your username. In my name suggestions, I used word combinations that are visually pleasing, interesting to others as well as yourself, and simple to remember. The intention is to come up with a list of words or names that come to mind when you think of your ideal username. 

    Try our company name generator if you’re stumped for ideas. 

    #2) Make a list of your suggestions. 

    Analyze your thoughts after you’ve compiled a list of alternative titles. Remove any names that are difficult to recall, spell, or pronounce. Keep names that are memorable, brandable, and express your brand values, product, or service to your target audience. 

    Here’s a fast checklist you can use to help you narrow down your name options: 

    Is the name easy to recall and pronounce? 

    Is the name simple to read and pronounce? 

    Is the name unique among competitors? 

    Does the name have a meaningful connotation? 

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    Is the name free of cliches or overused words? 

    My To-Do List: 

    Ideas that have been removed: 

    Use our Username Generator to come up with a special username! 

    #3) Obtain feedback 

    You should now have a list of 3-6 great usernames from which to seek input from potential clients or industry professionals (your target audience). Family and friends are more likely to applaud all of your ideas, and they aren’t your customers, so avoid getting input from them. 

    Be certain to pose questions such as: 

    When you first hear the word, what comes to mind? 

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    What would you call it, and how would you spell it? 

    You can now ask yourself, based on your customer reviews, if the name is still valid. Was it you who is represented? 

    My client’s feedback: 

    This name has a mysterious quality to it, as well as a hint of sass. 

    This name provides a perfect logo opportunity while still being simple to recall. 

    This name conjures up images of a sweet animal. 

    This name has an edgy feel to it and conjures up images of ghosts. 

    #4) Double-check It’s on the market. 

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