Benefits of Night Browsing

Benefits of Night Browsing – MTN Nigeria has launched a special night browsing offer for MTN pulse customers. Users will get 500MB of data for as little as N25. The data plan is cost-effective and well-worth the investment. Heavy internet users like us, on the other hand, would easily absorb the MB before downloading three Game of Thrones episodes from Toxicwap. There is only a one-night browsing plan available from Mtn, the 500MB plan. For a number of reasons, Nigerians enjoy browsing late at night. For starters, internet speeds at night are usually double or even triple those during the day. Most Nigerian network providers now offer extremely low-cost night plans in addition to fast internet speeds. If you’re still not persuaded, consider the following additional advantages of subscribing to MTN for Night browsing:


MTN’s night plan is not only affordable, but it also provides excellent network coverage. Mtn, on the other hand, has some of the most fluid and low-latency networks, enabling users to surf the internet without interruption. Glo, on the other hand, has the most data plans, but its users hate it because of its poor internet speeds. To get the most out of this pack, you must subscribe after 12 a.m., say 12:10 a.m. This kit is only available on an MTN sim for 500MB per day. As a result, you can buy the 250MB twice and the 500MB just once.

About MTN Night Browsing Plan

Since it operates on MTN pulse, the MTN midnight plan is also known as MTN pulse frees night browsing. The MTN night plan is designed for people who need additional data to download more or who need to access the internet overnight. Since July 2016, many people have been enjoying 500MB for the N25 night plan because it is one of the cheapest night plans available.

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What is MTN Night Browsing Bundle Time?

Isn’t there a reason it’s called a night plan? It only operates between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. on all days, including holidays and weekends.

MTN Night Plan 2021 Code

To subscribe to MTN pulse nightlife packages, dial *406# >> press 4 >> pick your desired package based on your budget preferences. Alternatively, for 25 and 50 Naira, text NT1 or NT2 to 131 to get 250MB or 500MB, respectively.

How to Subscribe To 25 Naira MTN Night Bundle Plan

This is the least MTN night data plan. The new plan has been reduced due to reasons best known to them.

  • *406# is the phone number to call.
  • To pick the MTN nightlife schedule, click 4 on your keyboard.
  • Then answer 1 to choose the 250MB package for 25 nairas.
  • Continue by answering 1 to confirm that you want to buy the data pack.
  • You will receive a message showing that your night plan subscription has been successfully completed. Keep in mind that this information is only available from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. for a period of 6 hours.
  • Unused data will be returned after the period of time has passed. Nothing beats the feeling of starting over. The night plan’s daily data limit is 500MB.

How to Subscribe to Mtn Night Plan

  • To begin, dial *406# or send 406 to 131 to upgrade to the MTN Pulse kit.
  • You must have at least N50 on your phone to participate.
  • You can either text NIGHT to 131 to trigger the night tariff plan or dial *406# select 4 to activate any plan of your choosing.

You can subscribe to any of the Pulse Nightlife packages as many times as you like, but not more than 500MB a day. The 125MB plan can be activated four times a night, for a total of 500MB: 125MB + 125MB + 125MB = 500MB, while the 250MB plan can only be activated twice, for a total of 500MB: 250MB + 250MB = 500MB. The Nightlife plan is only available from 12 am to 5 am and has a 500MB equal use policy.

To Subscribe For MTN 50 Naira Night Plan

  • *406# is the number to dial.
  • Press 4 to pick the MTN nightlife schedule.
  • Then respond 2 to choose the 50 naira plan for 250MB.
  • Continue by answering 1 to confirm that you want to buy the data pack.
  • You will now receive a notification that your night plan subscription has been successful.
  • Keep in mind that this information is only accurate for 6 hours.

How to Check MTN Night Plan Balance

The reality is that there is no way to search this night data package in particular. When your data is running out, such as when just 99MB is left. MTN will notify you that your data volume is accessible by sending you a warning message. There is, however, another way to limit and track your night data plan. You can set data use limits and keep track of how much data you use. To limit or track your Mtn night browsing strategy, follow the steps in my guide below.

  • Go to the Phone Settings tab.
  • Choose your data use
  • Toggle the cellular data cap on and off.
  • Set the data cap alert to be alerted until the limit you set is reached.

We hope you find this information on MTN Night Browsing 2021 and how to subscribe to all MTN Night Plan Bundles useful.

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