How to send a email

How to Send an Email

Introduction: How to Send an Email


Knowing how to use the email is an important form of communication in today’s society. Compared to the old fashion mail and postal stamp, sending an email is faster, cheaper, and convenient. It is important to be able to send a message to inform or receive feedback from someone in a matter of seconds.

This Instructable will show you how to send an email to someone of your choice. There are many email service providers you are able to use today and are bound to grow in the future, but in this Instructable the email service provider of choice will be Yahoo.

Time to complete: 5-10 minutes

Requirements before starting:

  • access to a computer
  • account that is set up with the provider
  • email address of the recipient

Although we are using Yahoo in this example, please note that using other email provider, the steps listed here will be very similar if not the same steps required to send an email.

NOTE: If you are unable access your account, please refer to other Instructables or online guides that will help troubleshoot your problem.

NOTE: Due to popular belief, opening an email doesn’t immediately infect you with a virus. It is only until you start interacting with the attachments and links it provides do your potential for risk increase.

Step 1: Sign Into Your Account

Go to Make sure the link you typed is correct. Login into your account with the correct Yahoo ID or your email address and password to match.

Step 2: Compose a New Email

After logging in, you will see a similar interface of the example of your email account. Click compose to start creating an email.

Step 3: Write Recipient Email Address

On this page, you will enter your message and to whom you will send the message. First enter the recipient email address. This email address is obtained from the recipient similar to how you need someone’s physical address to send mail.

Step 4: Enter the Subject of the Email

Enter the title or subject of the email below.

Step 5: Enter the Body

Enter the body of the message in the box below the subject line.

Step 6: Send and Finish

After typing up your message, confirm your recipient’s email address. Just as having the wrong physical address of someone’s home can result to the message being sent somewhere else, the incorrect email address can send it to someone else. After you checked all the information is correct, click send on the bottom and you have sent your email.

Step 7: Confirmation

You can confirm if your email was sent by clicking the sent tab on the left. It will display all the email you have sent. If the email recently sent has not shown up or if you wish to send additional emails, please refer again to steps 2 through 5. Now you have sucessfully sent an email and confirmed it’s delivery.

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