How to hac

How to HAC in 4 Easy Steps

How to HAC and why its awesome!

How to HAC. First off, If you have never heard of HAC’ing don’t feel out of the loop. Before I started wearing Maskcara years ago, I had never even heard of the term.

When I heard the term, the first thing that came to my mind was an IKEA Hack. I love all those IKEA Hack. Sounds the same but different.

HAC stands for Highlight and Contour.

The purpose of HAC’ing is to draw focus to certain areas of the face and minimize others by using different colors. Using the principles of light and darkness to create a 3 dimensional face.

2. Contour: The darker shade that is deeper than your natural skin tone. Think of that little black dress that you feel sexy in. Black and dark colors absorb light. The contour shade is the little black dress for your face. It creates shadows on your face that give dimension and sculpt your features to feeling like you lost a few pounds without having to do anything more than add a little makeup! I like to use the 30 Second HAC brush to apply the contour shade around the edges of the face, down the neck, just under your cheekbones and a little on the side of your nose.

3. Lip +Cheek: I know I only said three steps but that’s one cool thing about Maskcara’s Lip+ Cheek colors. Its two in one! Third step is Blush and Lip color. Maskcara calls their blush colors Lip + Cheek colors. Blush brings life to your face! Color on the cheeks makes the face appear more youthful and warms up the complexion. Apply the Lip + Cheek with a brush, sponge or finger tip to the apples of your cheeks and to your lips.

4. Illuminator: The last step to finish HAC’ing an illuminator. It creates that extra shimmery glow. The illuminator reflects the light giving more brightness and bringing the focus to your eyes. Apply with fingertip to the upper cheekbones, the bow of your lip and beneath the arch of your brow. I love illuminator! Gimme all the Illuminator colors! Try adding a little to your eyelids and lips!

Now that you are a HAC’ing expert and can see the amazing transformation of before HAC and after. Start your own HAC’ing experience!

Maskcara Beauty HAC in 4 steps
Maskcara Beauty HAC in 4 steps

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