Buy Quality Garri in Abuja with Kessy Foodstuff Hub

Buy Quality Garri in Abuja with Kessy Foodstuff Hub – Are you living in Nigeria’s Capital Territory, Abuja? Do you like eating garri, but finds it difficult to buy quality garri for yourself and your family within the city of Abuja?

If yes? Do not worry anymore, nor travel far to buy garri for your household. Kessy Foodstuff Hub garri is at your doorstep and at affordable prices.

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With Kessy Foodstuff Hub gari, you will get the real taste of original garri produced traditionally from cassava and it is prepared under a serene and hygienic environment.

Health Benefits of Eating Kessy Foodstuff Hub Garri

The health benefits of eating garri is quite enormous, but this cannot be achieved with poorly produced garri.

Eat quality garri from Kessy Foodstuff Hub and fortify yourself from cancer, diarrhea and be enriched with Vitamin A that improves the health of your eyesight.

The Uniqueness of Kessy Foodstuff Hub Garri

There are several methods adopted by different Farmers and Cassava Processing Industries to produce garri.

Kessy Foodstuff Hub produced garri by grating good cassava into a mash, fermenting and dewatering the mash into a wet cake. The wet cake is fried into gelatinized particles.

The frying is done on traditional cooking stove with firewood. A little red oil is applied at the frying process to reduce the acidic substance and to make the colour creamy. With this method, garri is not too much acidic.

Kessy Foodstuff Hub garri has a great taste with a swelling capacity. Its garri is free from sand particles, black specks and residual peels.

All the materials used in producing Kessy Foodstuff Hub garri are sourced locally. It is clean and tasty even for zipping without filtering it.

Where to Buy Quality Garri in Abuja with Kessy Foodstuff Hub 

The price of garri which is one of the most popular food in west Africa is on a high increase due to its convenience and multiplicity of use.

Secondly, garri is gradually gaining a foothold in the international market. Nigeria and Ghana seem to be the highest producers, consumers and exporters of garri.

Due to the alarming insecurity and bad roads in Nigeria, importation of garri from rural areas to cities becomes a cumbersome task leading to rapid increase of prices of garri in the market.

Despite these gruesome challenges, Kessey Foodstuff Hub still maintain its quality garri at affordable prices which can be supplied within the city of Abuja and its environs.

Just call 07038493857, mention your location within Abuja and the quantity of garri needed. Kessy Foodstuff Hub will locate you.

How Kessey Foodstuff Hub Garri is Produced 

Kessy Foodstuff Hub Garri is made by peeling fresh cassava roots, then washing and grating, fermenting, dewatering or pressing, sieving, frying, cooling and packaging.

  1. Peeling: Kessy Foodstuff Hub garri is made by peeling fresh harvested cassava. Peeling is done thoroughly to avoid peel fragments in the final product and it is done with the use of knife.
  2. Washing: Immediately after peeling, Kessy Foodstuff Hub ensure that the cassava roots are washed thoroughly to remove sands and particles.
  3. Grating: The washed cassava roots are grated buy cassava grating machine. Grating separates the cassava tissue and reduce the particles.
  4. Fermentation/Dewatering: The grated cassava mash is loaded into polypropylene bags for one or two days to ferment. This gives a great taste with a swelling capacity. The liquid is removed by pressing the polypropylene bags.
  5. Separation/Sieving: The cassava after being fermented is broken by hand in to pieces and is sieved with manual woven sieve to remove the fibre and lumps (pieces of improperly grated cassava).
  6. Frying: This is done immediately after sieving. Frying pot is placed on top of a traditional cooking stove. Here a little locally-made red oil is applied to make the colour creamy and to less the acidic substance.
  7. Cooling: The fried garri is spread on a mat-like substance to cool between 4 to 6 hours before packaging.

Buy Kessy Foodstuff Hub quality garri today and enjoy with your friends and family!

Contact Kessy Foodstuff Hub on 07038493857. Only for customers in Abuja.

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