13 Lesbian Dating Apps for Women in 2021

    13 Lesbian Dating Apps for Women in 2021

    1 Lex Applicant
    Lex (now was first launched in November 2019 on Instagram (now Lex encourages users to describe themselves using whatever lingo sounds better for them, inspired by the text-first, picture-second (or never!) approach of old-school newspaper personal advertising. Goodbye, restricted pre-set options; this is a big victory for non-binary and trans daters.

    Ana, 26, from Brooklyn, says there are quite a lot of trans lesbians on it. “The cis women and non-binary lesbians who use it are often very polite, kind, and entertaining to speak to. I am yet to have a negative experience.”

    2 Her application
    Hers is a woman with a
    She is inclusive and deliberate, with the tagline “here to bind womxn and queer people.” It also includes a calendar of upcoming LGBTQ+ activities in your neighborhood (kinda like MeetUp).

    Chelsea, 28, of San Diego, CA, says, “I downloaded the app because of their dope ads, but I stayed for the queer event calendar.”

    3 bumble 
    The appeal of Bumble for straight people is that the woman must initiate communication. Surprisingly, when there are two women, either of you can initiate contact!

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    So, what makes Bumble different from every other app? Bumble is only for serious daters—not those who swipe on Sunday nights and then forget about it by Monday morning—because one of you *must* make a move within the first 24 hours of matching, or the match will vanish forever.

    Bonnie, a 29-year-old Houston native, appreciates the fast turnaround time. “On Monday, I can swipe, match on Tuesday, and set a date or three by Friday. It’s perfect for my need for quick gratification,” she says.

    Hinge number four
    Hinge on
    Are you tired of swiping on randos? Try Hinge, which only adds friends and people your friends can vouch for to your scroll. Hinge gives you prompts like “I won’t shut up about…” and “I’m excessively competitive about…” rather than asking you to make up a bio from scratch. Isn’t it adorable?

    In-person, CT, 24, says, “The blurbs give you a better understanding of who someone is than only images do.”

    Tinder is a popular dating app for women.
    Tinder is a dating app that allows you to
    Yeah, the app that kicked off it all is really for all. Tinder, in collaboration with GLAAD, introduced an Orientation function last summer for Pride, which allows daters to use up to three words to describe their sexuality.

    Mimi, 23, Chicago, says, “It’s the app I’ve had the most success with because it’s the most popular dating app for queers.” That’s why Caroline, a 24-year-old Dallas resident, takes it with her on business trips. “It’s a brilliant way to get a temperature check of a city’s queer culture because there are so many users everywhere.” Just be aware that, since it’s so popular, you’ll almost certainly swipe past your ex and ex’s ex.

    6 The League is a dating app that allows you to meet people in your league.
    The League is a community of people who come together
    Ivy League, as in Ivy League University… get it? Rather than asking you to come up with a cutesy blurb, this app uses information from your LinkedIn profile to show you’re not a CatFish (seriously). The League’s exclusive dating pool is only available to those considered eligible by League Headquarters.

    Personally, the whole thing reminds me of college applications, but Frances, a 27-year-old Boston resident, had some success. “I won’t lie: it’s the prettiest, most boogie app out there, but it’s also where I met my girlfriend, so I can’t help but stand.” Fair enough.

    7 OKCupid dating app for lesbians OkCupid dating app for lesbian
    OkCupid, one of the first dating sites, makes you answer tough questions like “Does the government defund Planned Parenthood?” and “Is astrological sign relevant in a match?” You don’t have to apply if you’re a shallow swiper.

    IRL Review: “I met my wife on OkCupid nine years ago, when apps were just getting started “Terry, a 43-year-old New York City resident, says “It’s also where the majority of my gay friends in my age group met their partners.” Her opinion: OkCupid is particularly beneficial to those aged 35 and up. OkCupid, however, has momentum among the younger crowd, according to Elliot, a 23-year-old New York City resident. “I think it’s making a comeback, with no pressure to select pronouns and a variety of gender and sexuality identities to choose from.” You heard it first right here!

    8 Hashtag
    Both polygamous and non-monogamous babes, take note: Hashtag Open allows you to play solo, with a partner, or both. If you already own a Boo and are looking for a Boo 2 or are looking for some romance with a partner, this app will help.

    It’s not *only* for queer users, but Maile, a 30-year-old from Hartford, Connecticut, calls it “pretty and beautifully queer.” Also noteworthy: “Hashtag Open has been the least daunting, most accommodating app I’ve tried as someone who’s been married to a man for five years and recently opened my relationship.” Isn’t that a great recommendation?

    With these tips, Instagram can be used as a dating app.
    Instagram is a social media platform that allows
    Who hasn’t slipped into the DMs of a former high school crush after responding to an IG story with a flame and calling it flirting? Instagram is undeniably doubling as a dating app, with more out queer users using rainbow emojis in their bios.

    Insider tip: Gay sexologist Molly Margaret (@whatswrongwithmollymargaret) hosts a queer mixer via her Instagram stories once a month (ish). The following is how it works: Give her your favorite picture of yourself and a brief bio in response to her order. She’ll share it with her 80K Instagram followers on her story. Someone will slip right into your DMs if (nay, when) they like what they see. Modern adoration!

    Carolyn, 20, Minnesota, says, “I went to MM’s queer mixer in April and met one person to sext with and another to do a two-person book club with.”

    ten tweets
    With these tips, Twitter can be used as a dating app.
    Twitter is a social media platform that allows
    There are plenty of single and ready-to-mingle queers on Twitter, speaking of followers-turned-lovers.

    Ana, 26, from Brooklyn, says there’s less pressure on flirtationships to go anywhere because Twitter isn’t *actually* a dating app. “It’s easier to go with the flow and keep things normal, plus people prefer to relax a little more when they’re not trying to make a good first impression for their future babe.” Ring tomorrow, RT today.

    11 Kinkoo is a kinky app that allows you to list your kinks, level of inexperience, and sort of interaction you’re searching for right away if the name didn’t give it away. You won’t have to deal with any awkward transparency issues.

    “Is it the most queer-inclusive app I’ve ever used?” I asked in person. Mandy*, 28, says no. “However, it helps me to realize that I’m swiping on people who are more likely to want to come to my play parties with me.” *Please note that the name has been changed.

    12 Emotions FEELINGS
    Field, formerly known as 3ender (as in Tinder + threesome), is an app designed specifically for people searching for thirds (or fourths). Create a profile as a Singleton or a Couple, and then start swiping. The best part? There’s an incognito mode that keeps your Facebook profile hidden from your contacts. #Blessed is a word that comes to mind when I think of people who

    Review in real life: This is the best choice for queer women (and couples) looking for threesomes, group sex, or a long-term triad, according to Melissa, a 29-year-old New York City resident. “There are more men on the app with their girlfriends than I’d like,” says one user.

    13 feminized
    Fem is for TikTok-obsessed women. Despite its name, being a “femme” presenter isn’t needed for this app; all genders are welcome to participate. However, video is needed.

    “I like the visual feature of the app,” says the reviewer in person “Allison, a 26-year-old Queens resident, agrees. “With videos, it’s much easier to get a sense of who someone is than with pictures. And, thanks to the group chat feature, I’ve made a few friends as well.”

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