What is MocoSpace?

What is MocoSpace? – There are bound to be misconceptions or rumors about how the site works or will work with any social network. Is it planned for MocoSpace to charge users for access to the site? No, it’s not true. MocoSpace is a no-cost social network with no-cost games. We offer an online currency known as Moco Gold that can be used in our competitions or for special features,…

How do I log in and out of my profile?

On our home page, enter your user name and password to log in. If you used Facebook ID to sign up, all you have to do now is click the Facebook ID icon if you’re already logged in to your Facebook account on your browser or through the phone App. To log out, go to the bottom of your home page and click the Log Out button.

How do I sign up?

The first stipulation is that you must be at least 18 years old to register. This is for your safety and security. We are not an “adult” network or website. It would help if you then chose a user name and a password and provide some personal information. Please keep your user name tasteful and try to…

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How do I add a song to my account?

You must view your Profile page on your computer or Smartphone to add a song to your profile. When you’re considering your profile, go to the Music section and click the Edit button. Search SoundCloud for a song you want to post to your account and select it from the results. If you’re going to change the song, repeat the process. At the moment,…

Is there a charge to use MocoSpace on my phone?

MocoSpace is free to use, but your wireless provider may charge you for using mobile Internet and data services. Customers on Boost Mobile must pay a 50 cent fee for 24 hours of access.

How do I change language?

Look for the MocoSpace Latino link at the bottom of the Home or My Home pages if you want to switch from English to Spanish. Even if you log out, the site will be displayed in Spanish until you change it back. MocoSpace Latino can be found here. If you want to return to English, look for the MocoSpace English button…

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How do I change my personal information and settings?

Go to the Edit Profile page to make changes to your profile. Go to the Settings page to change your account’s settings, such as notifications and privacy options.

How do I set my profile background and color?

Select a photo from your album and click the Set as background link to change your profile background. You can also customize your profile background and colors and delete your chosen background on the Background and Colors Settings page of your profile. Do you admire the background of someone else? On the…, click the Copy Background link.

How do I upload photos?

You can send a message with your photo to your upload code, which can be found on your Settings page, or you can use the Add Photos link on your photos page. If you’re having trouble uploading your photos, try using the Reset Upload Code option in your settings. Users with Android or iPhones can also upload straight from their phones…

What is the MocoSpace + App?

The MocoSpace+ App is available for Android Smartphone users to purchase. This is the ad-free premium version of our MocoSpace App. If you bought this version of our App and are seeing ads, please contact our support team and let them know what ad you’re seeing and wherein the App it’s appearing.


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