What Google Hangouts is And How To Start Talking Today

What Google Hangouts is And How To Start Talking Today – Google offers a slew of useful web tools to make your life simpler. You can use Gmail to send and receive emails, Google Drive to store and share your computer files, Google Maps to figure out where you’re going, and Google Search to locate things on the Internet that you need to know (about). On the other hand, Google provides a convenient online communication service called Google Hangouts that lets you send text messages, photos, and videos to anybody with a Google account. On your computer or mobile device, you may have live video chats with your Google contacts, dial phone numbers, and have a phone conversation with nearly anybody on the globe!

What is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is an all-in-one online communication solution that works across a variety of devices. It lets users locate contacts, send messages (or photos or videos), and participate in video conversations. It also allows users to make and receive phone calls using regular phones, albeit this functionality may incur an additional fee.

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How does Google Hangouts work?

Google Hangouts is a service that integrates with your Google account and allows you to connect with your Google contacts via text messaging, video chats, and phone calls. One of the best things about Google Hangouts is that you can start a Hangouts session on your computer and easily continue it on your mobile device if you’re on the road.

Five key features of Google Hangouts

1.Access Google Hangouts on a variety of devices.

You can utilize Google Hangouts on a variety of different platforms! It’s available as an app for your smartphone or tablet computer, as well as an extension for your preferred web browser. You may either use a desktop client (if you have the Google Chrome web browser) or the version included with every Gmail account!

2.It is free to use; you need a Google account.

Google Hangouts is available for download and installation on any device. You can also use Google Hangouts with a Google account, so if you currently use Gmail or Google Drive, you’re good to go with Google Hangouts!

3.Share text messages, pictures, and more with your Google contacts.

Chatting with your connections is simple enough, but why not make it a little more interesting? Add some emoticons, snap a photo or create a picture of yourself and send it as a message. You may even share a YouTube video or your present position using your device’s GPS signal on occasion!

4.Have some face time with your Google contacts with live video chat.

You may also have a face-to-face discussion with one or more of your Google Hangouts contacts through a live video feed if you have a specific camera attached to (or built into) your computer or mobile device. You may invite additional individuals to the conversation (contacts or not) or show everyone in the chat what your computer screen looks like!

5.Almost anyone is a phone call away through Google Hangouts.

You can now use Google Hangouts to make international phone calls to nearly anyone, even if they aren’t one of your Google contacts! The majority of calls inside the United States and Canada are free, while international calls have relatively low per-minute fees.

The history of Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts was initially released in 2013 to replace Google Talk and Google+ Messenger. However, Google Hangouts has competed with other popular messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger since Google consolidated its numerous messaging and calling interfaces into one.

How much does it cost?

Signing up for and using Google Hangouts is completely free. All you need is a Google account to get started. Text messages, photographs, and phone or video conversations are all available for free. You may also download the Google Hangouts app for free if you want to use Google Hangouts on your phone or tablet.

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Is Google Hangouts safe?

In general, Google Hangouts is safe to use. Your privacy is protected since all messages and calls sent and received using Google Hangouts are encrypted. Only respond to texts and phone calls from individuals you know and trust for your protection. Aside from that, you should be OK! Read our post here to learn more about Google Hangouts security.

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