The Twenty Eighteen WordPress theme

The Twenty Eighteen WordPress them – Although WordPress has many free premium themes, most of them have scripts that restrict you from efficiently removing or changing their attributions. This is something I made clear in my review of free premium themes.
The most cost-effective alternatives The default WordPress themes are available to everyone, and WordPress is constantly working to improve the appearance and feel of its default themes.

When WordPress debuted the Twenty Seventeen theme, it startled virtually everyone. It has the look and feel of a modern website and conveys the Automattic claims. .’s
With four sections on the homepage, the 2017 theme can easily pass for a premium theme is adequately adjusted.

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The twenty-seventeen motif, on the other hand, is more difficult to personalize. I wouldn’t recommend starting a blog because the blog area isn’t particularly appealing.
The big question today is whether we can expect the new twenty-eighth theme to be released or not. Have we seen the last of the WordPress default themes?

The previous year’s default themes were released in November, just before the New Year. We’ve been in the new house for about seven months and have yet to see anything.

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The year 2018 will be a watershed moment for WordPress. There has already been a slew of essential releases.WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg are now available (The new block base WordPress editor). Let’s talk about WordPress themes for a while. Will there be a new default theme named Twenty Eighteen (2018)? We currently have Twenty Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, and Twenty Seventeen as default themes.
Every year, the WordPress team releases a new default theme, usually created by someone who dedicates their creative ideas in the shape of a new theme. As we approach 2018, it’s unavoidable that we’ll see the next WordPress default theme, but the issue is, “how long will it take to hear about it and witness the first beta release?”

The popularity of Twenty Seventeen is currently a tremendous hit with everyone. At the time of writing, there are over 1 million active installs! Of course, when I say active installs, I’m referring to websites where this theme is happening and utilized. Downloads, on the other hand, appear to be around 3800 per day on average. According to what I’ve seen, the 2017 theme is by far the most popular, owing to the outstanding design and functionality implemented when 2017 was made public.

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However, we’re halfway through 2017, and there hasn’t been a single mention of a Twenty Eighteen theme. I don’t know about you, but this has piqued my interest in what is ahead for us. I haven’t seen much about it, so I’ve chosen to investigate deeper into whatever information I can find and will keep you updated as I learn more. Of course, please let me know if you hear anything.
What does a new default theme entail for 2018? It’s exciting since we can play with the design and features while planning additional child themes for future expansions.

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