Most Handsome Guys In Nigeria: The Top 10

Most Handsome Guys In Nigeria: The Top 10 – We admire gorgeous Nigerian men for their abilities in acting, music, and athletics. Their fabulous physique and attractive facial features, on the other hand, are tough to overlook. Find out who Nigeria’sNigeria’s most handsome man is right now!

We’veWe’s compiled an intriguing list of Nigeria’sNigeria’s most attractive men.

So, be ready to learn about the cutest people in Nigeria, as seen through our eyes.

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First, we’d like to explain the criteria we utilized to compile this list:

The list was compiled based on how they appeared in recent music videos, promotional photographs, and Instagram photos. As a result, next year’s ranking may be different.

Note: This is not a list of Nigeria’sNigeria’s sexiest or hottest men; instead, it’s all about your attractive face and overall appearance.

1.Wole Ojo

Wole Ojo, a popular Nollywood actor, doesn’t fight for the title of Nigeria’sNigeria’s most gorgeous man with luxury clothes and extravagant hairstyles. Wole, on the other hand, favors traditional characteristics and an unobtrusive design in his clothing.

2.Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie’sEdochie’s unrivaled fashion sense is the first thing you notice about him, aside from his stunning eyes. Yul doesn’t hesitate to experiment with new styles and colors, and his efforts are always rewarded.

3.Banky W

Banky W, arguably Nigeria’sNigeria’s most attractive musician, has everything it takes to win the hearts of Nigerian ladies. She’s tall, fashionable, and extremely attractive, and his love for his wife, Adesua Etomi, is simply touching.

4.Bolanle Ninalowo

When it comes to picking the most attractive man, the Nigerian film industry has a lot to offer. Bolanle Ninalowo possesses the physique of a warrior, as well as flawless facial features and the fashion sense of a world-renowned fashion designer.


D’banj’sD’banj’s continuing musical success is just one of the many reasons why thousands of women find him irresistible. His slender figure, trademark facial hair, and excellent fashion sense have won him among Nigeria’sNigeria’s most handsome men.

6.Gabriel Afolayan

Gabriel Afolayan is one of the best-looking male celebrities in the country and a double threat who is equally good in acting and music. His image is incredibly wholesome, and he appears to be the ideal boyfriend every time we see him.

7.Uti Nwachukwu

Uti Nwachukwu is one of the few men on our list with long hair, but his trademark locks add to his appeal. Uti is also recognized for being one of Nollywood’sNollywood’s finest dressers, which is one reason ladies find him so appealing.


If you ask a Nigerian woman, “Who is the most handsome musician in Nigeria?” she will most certainly give you a different answer depending on her age. Wizkid, on the other hand, is a musician who is universally adored for his talent and his distinctive appearance.

9.Bryan Okwara

While most of the men on our list have been described as primarily attractive by their followers, Bryan Okwara has formal confirmation of his attractiveness. In 2007, he had crowned Mister Nigeria and went on to compete in the Mister World pageant. Bryan’sBryan’s appearance has only improved since then!


2Baba is not only a well-known singer with numerous honors and millions in profits, but he is also one of Nigeria’sNigeria’s most attractive men. We rarely see 2Baba without his wonderful smile, which, combined with his great style and piercing eyes, is a significant part of his attraction.

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