How to Transfer Airtime from AIRTEL to MTN Network in 2021.

How to Transfer Airtime from AIRTEL to MTN Network in 2021 – You may already know how to transfer airtime from Airtel to Airtel, but have you ever wondered if you can also transfer to MTN or another network?

The Airtel Me2U service allows you to transfer airtime from one Airtel line to another. So you can genuinely transmit credit from your airtel sim to another sim, just like you can send MB from one airtel to another. If you’re familiar with Airtel Me2U, I’m confident you’ve used it to transfer airtime from one Airtel sim to another.

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People have asked me many questions about how to transfer airtime from an airtel line to a non-airtel line like mtn, glo, or 9mobile. So we’ll find out as soon as possible.

Best way to transfer airtime from Airtel to MTN

You can only send airtime from one airtel to another using Airtel Me2U. This implies you won’t be able to transfer airtime from an airtel phone to an mtn, glo, or 9mobile phone. Also, you can only send to folks who have an Airtel phone number.

You have no choice except to recharge their non-Airtel lines straight from your bank account at this time. However, if they still have their Airtel lines, you can send them some airtime by following the steps below.

Best way to transfer credit from airtel to airtel

It’s not rocket science to transfer airtime from one airtel to another; if you follow this advice to the letter, you’ll find it’s a piece of cake.

I’m not sure whether you’ve ever heard anything like “Transfer Pin.” A transfer pin is a short pin that allows you to send and receive airtime.

Before you transfer airtime from your airtel sim to another airtel sim, you’ll need your airtel transfer pin, just like other telecom companies.

If this is your first time transferring and already have a transfer pin, you may be wondering where you acquired it. This is because all first-time users of the airtel me2u service were previously allocated a default transfer pin.

The default transfer pin is 1234, and if I know about it, you can bet that most of your pals do as well.

To avoid putting your airtime at risk and preventing it from falling into the wrong hands who might make use of it without your knowledge or approval.

To prevent unauthorized parties from interfering with your airtime, replace the default pin with a secret pin that you can remember.

So, how do you change the default pin to a personal pin that you can remember? It’s relatively simple.

Best way to change transfer pin on airtel

You can alter your default transfer pin in one of two ways: via text message or using the ussd code.

using text

Use your phone if you want to use this approach. Create a new message in this format by going to message > creating a new message in this format.


Default Default Default Default Default Default Default Default Default

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Could you create a new pin and email it to 432?

For example, suppose the New Pin you want to use is 9173. (note: your default pin is 1234, and your new pin must not exceed four digits)

Then, PIN 1234 9173 and send to 432 should be your message. You’ll get a notice verifying your new transfer pin once you transmit this.

using ussd

Suppose you are unable to complete all of the steps above, dial *432#. A list of options will be displayed to you.

Option 4 should be chosen (PIN Management)

Choose one (Change of PIN)

Would you please enter your current pin (Current pin is your Old or default pin)

Create a New Pin ( the pin you want to change to)

Press the Ok/Send button.

That concludes our discussion. Isn’t it relatively straightforward?

You can now transfer your airtime to another Airtel line if you followed the following method and successfully changed to a new transfer pin. It’s simple and time-saving.

We all have that one friend or sibling who is always short on airtime and constantly hounds you for an airtime transfer. But because you’ve never used the airtel me2u before, you’ve always used it as an excuse and haven’t bothered to test it because you think it’s rocket science.

Well, I’m here to inform you that it’s a lot easier than you might think to transfer airtime from one Airtel sim to another. You can share your airtime to another airtel line by pressing just a few digits. let’s get to it without wasting any time.

Best way to transfer airtime from airtel to airtel

You can send your airtime via text message or U.S. Dollars (USD), whichever way you desire.

Using text

If you wish to send a text message to transfer your airtime; Create a new message in this format by going to message > creating a new message.

2Uspace>Phone Recipient’s Numberspace>Amount of Airtimespace>Transfer Pin > and then send to 432

Consider the following scenario: The recipient’s phone number (the airtel user to whom you wish to transfer your airtime) is 09012345678, the airtime amount is N100, and the Transfer Pin is 9173.

Then create a message that looks like this: 2U 09012345678 100 9173 and send it to this number 432.


Before sending, double-check that all of the inputs are correct and in sequence. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your successful transfer as soon as you send it.

using ussd

You can also transfer your airtime using a ussd code, which you can get by dialing *432#. You’ll be presented with several possibilities;

Choose one (Airtel to Airtel)

Enter the recipient’s Airtel number (the person to whom you’re giving airtime).

put the amount of airtime you want to buy.

Press Send/Ok after entering the Transfer Pin.

Note that each transfer transaction will cost you N10, and you can only transfer a total of N5000 each day.

That’s how you move airtime from one airtel to another, and as you can see, it’s not as complicated as most people believe. Share some of your airtime with your friends and family using the ways listed above; there’s joy in sharing!

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