How to Share a Post on Instagram

How to Share a Post on Instagram – Would you like to learn how to repost an image on Instagram or repost a video on Instagram? Two options are available: to take a screenshot, record a screen, or use third parties. Find all below described.

Screenshot to share a post in Instagram Recording

The first way to repost on Instagram is by taking a screenshot and sharing it with your profile. That’s why,

Log in from your Android/iOS app to your Instagram account,

Locate the post you want, take a screenshot and share your interest profile with the screen capture.

Screenshot/Screen Recording: Detailed

You must take the screenshot by pressing on the volume down and the power key or the volume down key and on the home key simultaneously if your Android smartphone is not working.

If you use an iOS device, the Home button and standby/wake button should be pressed to take a screenshot at once. Assume you’ve got an iPhone X (or a later model). In this case, the power key and the volume key must be pressed simultaneously to take the screenshot.

You need to take a screen video if the content you want to report is not a photo or a card but a video rather than a screenshot.

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You need to make use of apps from third parties to record your screen in relatively simple ways to do this on Android:

Run the app selected,

To start recording, press the button, allow screen capture.

Record the display and stop shooting. Farewell.

However, swipe the control center up or down (depending on the iPhone model) and tap the REC button to do this on the iPhone.

To Post Your Screenshot/Screen Recording:

Click on the button “+” below,

Tap the picture or video you want to post in the menu that appears.

Try to adapt the picture as best as you can to not point to other users as it is a screenshot,

If necessary, tap the following item or use Instagram editing tools to change a filter to it.

Please press Next again.

All you need to do now is write a title to the original content author,

To carry out the Repost, tap Share item.

Third-Party Apps to Share a Post on Instagram

We can only recommend Repost: if you wish to use a third-party application to repost Instagram posts, an entirely free solution for Android and iOS is available for Instagram. It is very simple: copy the link from your post, feed, and publish it on your photography social network.

On your device, launch Instagram,

Search your interest content,

Press the ellipse at the top right corner of the content,

Choose the item. Please copy the link from the opening menu.

Then Repost will begin Instagram for,

To copy the link before, press the video image or preview.

Just tap Attribution and select a color of the plates displaying the name and the position to insert the account that initially shared the post (white or black).

To open the Instagram app, tap the purple Repost button located on the bottom of the app,

Select where the content (story or feed) is shared and follow onscreen instructions to share your profile content.

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