How to Earn Money Online

    How to Earn Money Online – As cases of COVID-19 spread across the country in the spring, Bob Moulton decided to limit walk-in sales at his business, National Pawn. Although pawnshops were deemed necessary in North Carolina and could continue to operate, Moulton didn’t want to risk his 19 locations’ customers or employees’ health.

    He didn’t want to lay off any employees, so he had employees begin listing items for sale on sites like Facebook Marketplace. Customers were then given the option of picking up their purchases at the curb.
    Moulton says, “We found it to be very successful.” “The amount of disposable income that our customers had astounded me.”

    Three websites stand out when it comes to selling online: eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. While eBay is best known for its online auctions, the latter two are used for local classified ads. People can now sell almost anything for a set price on each of the sites.
    “eBay has always been a barometer for what’s going on online and off,” says Sam Bright, vice president, and general manager of eBay North America’s verticals. “It’s in demand on our marketplace if it’s in demand in real life.

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    ” According to Bright, sales of home and garden, technology, fashion, and fitness have increased on the site in recent months.
    Both businesses and individuals can benefit from online selling. Continue reading for tips from expert sellers and information on which categories appear to be selling best right now on sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

    Tips for Selling Online

    Rose Winquest, a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, sells full-time on Facebook Marketplace. She buys products at a discount for resale and receives castaway items from friends. She says her favorite place to sell is Facebook Marketplace because it makes it simple to sell products that appeal to a wide range of interests. “I enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life,” Winquest says.

    Winquest recommends that people who price items at or below half the store will make quick sales. It is also preferable to sell on a first-come, first-served basis. “Holding items for people is risky because many people will back out if given the opportunity,” she warns.
    According to Deb Liu, founder of Facebook Marketplace, when creating listings, take plenty of photos and include keywords to help your items be found easily in searches. Instead of describing an item as a table, be more specific, have the type of wood, or use a more specific term like a coffee table.

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    “Unless your items serve the same purpose,” Liu advises, “sell them separately.” “It’s unlikely that a buyer will buy a couch and a basketball at the same time.” Only bundle items that are likely to sell in a group, such as a set of clothing or toys that are related.
    When selling items, consider doing so in a public location like a police station, church, or gas station, advises seller Maria Chichester of Lowell, Michigan. For ten years, Chichester has been selling on Craigslist but recently discovered Facebook Marketplace, which she says has become a new favorite.
    “There are so many scams and fake sales posts on Craigslist that it’s difficult for people to tell if the posts are legit,” she says. She does, however, continue to list items for sale on both sites, claiming that it is a simple and free way to reach a large number of potential customers.

    Chichester includes all relevant details in her listings, including any flaws. She also makes a note of whether or not her price is firm. She tries to answer questions and make payment arrangements via email rather than in person once someone expresses an interest. This helps weed out “tire kickers,” or people who come to look at an item but aren’t serious about buying it.
    Meanwhile, online selling platforms are attempting to streamline the process. “Selling on eBay is simple, and we’ve taken steps to make it even simpler in light of the new normal,” Bright says. The number of free listings provided to eBay sellers has been increased to 200, and the site’s seller community forum now features trending items.

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