How to Check Messages on Instagram

How to Check Messages on Instagram – Tap the Messenger icon in the upper-right corner of the Instagram app. A paper aircraft icon will appear if you haven’t updated Instagram.

Text, emoticons, photographs, and videos can be used to send or react to messages. Check to check if a message has been opened from the message screen.

On the desktop version of Instagram, tap the Messenger symbol in the upper-right corner. Messages can be viewed and responded to.

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This article will show you how to access, read, and respond to your Instagram direct messages using the Instagram mobile app or the Instagram desktop program.

Facebook has unified messaging between Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, so if you upgrade your Instagram to the new UI, your Instagram direct messaging will be handled by Messenger.

Check Messages on the Instagram App

From the Instagram main page, where you see your current feed with postings from individuals and companies you follow, it’s simple to go to your direct message inbox.

On your iOS or Android smartphone, open the Instagram app and sign in to your account, or switch to the appropriate version if required.

Select the Messenger icon. From most current to least recent, your inbox messages are presented. A blue dot appears next to unread messages.

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A paper aircraft icon will appear if you haven’t updated Instagram.

To send a reply, tap any message to open the chat thread, then utilize the text box and media buttons at the bottom.

To find a message from a specific person or search for a term or phrase, use the search area at the top.

Tap the Camera in the message box to reply to a message with a photo or video. A camera interface with choices appears. Tap Send after taking an image or video. To share the photo or video to other Instagram contacts, tap Send to Others.

Tap the Camera to the right of any message in your inbox to send a fast photo or video reply without having to enter the chat.

The message screen keeps you informed if you’re unsure if your receiver has received your message. You’ll see a message’s status on the inbox screen, including when it was last seen or when you sent it if it hasn’t been seen yet.

When you get an Instagram message from someone you don’t follow, it shows up in your inbox as a request rather than a discussion. You can react without following the other person if you accept the invitation. If you refuse the request, the other person will not contact you again unless you accept it.

How to Check Instagram Messages on the Desktop

You may also use a web browser to check your direct messages on Instagram.

Log in to the official Instagram website.

Choose the Messenger icon.

The left pane displays your current discussions. To open a chat in the right pane, click it.

In the message bar, type a message. Select the smiling symbol to add an emoji if desired.

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Many of the Instagram app functions are not available on the desktop version, such as sending photographs and videos as direct messages.

The Instagram-Facebook Messenger Integration

According to The Verge, Facebook began rolling out its new messaging system in August 2020, combining the messaging capabilities of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp with Messenger.

If your Instagram app still utilizes the previous UI instead of the Facebook Messenger logo, you’ll see a paper airplane-style direct messages symbol.

This messaging interface is intended to be convenient for users, allowing Instagram users to send messages to Facebook users who aren’t even on Instagram, for example.



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