How to Check Borrowed Data Balance on MTN

How to Check Borrowed Data Balance on MTN – Do you have an mtn data plan but are unsure how to check your balance? You won’t have to look any further because you’ll learn how to do it in this post. We discussed how to borrow and check your mtn extra time balance in a previous post, but today we’ll look at the mtn borrowed data balance.

Have you ever run out of data? Have you ever gone an entire day without using the internet? What was your impression of the experience? Isn’t that a bit dull? Internet addicts like me can’t imagine going a day without data, let alone weeks without it, and we’d go to any length to get our hands on it, lol.

It wasn’t easy back then, especially if you were broke and didn’t have any cash on you to buy data; you’d stare at your phone until it became completely useless.

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Well, thanks to mtn, that’s all in the past now; with the introduction of the mtn xtrabyte, you’ll never run out of data again; you’ll always have access to the internet, even if you don’t have enough money to subscribe.

Before we get into our main topic, let’s go over mtn xtrabyte and borrow data for those unfamiliar with it.

How to Borrow MTN Data

With over 60 million subscribers, MTN is Nigeria’s largest telecom network. They have provided numerous amazing offers and services over the years, allowing them to stand out and stay ahead of their competitors while also satisfying and making life easier for their customers.

They first introduced the mtn extra time service, which allows you to borrow airtime and pay it back later when you run out. They have now introduced the mtn extra byte to make life much easier and more satisfying.

This service allows you to borrow data from MTN and then repay it with airtime in your next recharge. This means that you can have data even if you don’t have airtime to buy now and pay later.

If you don’t have data or airtime and want to borrow some, dial *606#, select 2 ( Borrow Data), and then choose any of the data options that appear, depending on which one you want. The data options you see are determined by how frequently you buy data from mtn.

You will be eligible for more and higher data options if you are a regular data subscriber. All of the data options that will be displayed to you will have a price tag beside them; this is the airtime cost of each Data, and any airtime that you borrow will be deducted from your airtime when you recharge.

You can borrow as many times as you want until you reach your limit; after that, you won’t be able to borrow until you pay off your outstanding data debt.

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That’s how to borrow data from MTN; if you’ve already borrowed data from MTN and want to know how to check your remaining xtrabyte balance, go to our main topic below, which explains how to check your MTN borrowed data balance.

How to Check Borrowed Data Balance on MTNIf you’ve used some of your mtn xtrabyte and want to know how many you have left, dial *606#, select 2 (My Account), select 2 (Account Balance), and your xtrabyte balance will be displayed to you instantly.

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Note: Once you’ve reached your xtrabyte limit, you won’t be able to borrow any more until you recharge and pay for the one you already owe with your airtime during your next recharge.

This is a fantastic development from MTN; it will save you money in emergencies where you desperately need to access the internet but don’t have enough cash; with MTN xtrabyte, you can borrow data and pay for it later with your airtime when you recharge.


That’s how to borrow mtn data and check the balance of borrowed data. If you found this helpful post, please share it with your family and friends using the share buttons below.





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