Facebook Dating Tips For Guys

Facebook Dating Tips For Guys – More than 100 million women spend their time on Facebook. Many of them are there to meet the right guy and are completely unaware of it. Facebook is the best place to meet an uncountable amount of hot ladies. Picking up girls on Facebook can become a piece of cake if you learn what they are looking for and how to attract them. Dating on Facebook is becoming more popular, and it is also socially acceptable for women to say they met a guy on Facebook.

The issue is that most guys don’t know what to say, how to say it, why to say it, or when to say it. They are absolutely befuddled and ignorant. They keep poking women, sending them boring texts, asking them out on dates, and begging for publicity, phone numbers, and responses – which they never get. They are completely overlooked. And they get irritated and say things like “Facebook dating doesn’t work” or “this isn’t for me.” No, that is not right. Facebook dating is effective! All you have to do is arm yourself with the right knowledge and put it to use.

To get you started, here are a few important tips for picking up these hotties:

Facebook Seduction tip #1: Say less to say more.

Most guys screw up by trying to be cool and smart – instead of just BEING, not TRYING. When you try something rather than BE something, you are faking it. Many girls will see right through this. You must be Valid. REAL is efficient. Most guys talk too much and NEED to talk too much, they ask dumb questions to girls, beg for attention, and brag about their accomplishments. Please stop doing that. When you chat/message a girl on Facebook, try to be more succinct and say less. Enable her to approach you and want to learn more about you. To do so, you must first learn how to build an appealing Facebook profile.

Facebook Seduction tip #2: Become more popularPopular guys are the ones who have an easier time attracting women. Popularity equals attractiveness. The more friends you have who compliment you, like your photos, comment on your statuses, and give you social evidence, the more appealing you will look to the girls you want to seduce. Maintain contact with friends and engage inappropriate online activity.

Facebook Seduction tip #3: Brand yourselfMake yourself distinct so that you can develop your own “name” of yourself. The more you can set yourself apart from the other dull losers on Facebook, the more appealing you would be. How do you go about doing that? Find out what all those losers are doing and do the exact opposite. You do the same if they are chasing women, sending them boring texts, poking them, and begging for their phone number. What will occur? She will take notice of you.

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Seducing a girl on Facebook is a science that can be learned and mastered with a little practice and proper knowledge. If you’ve mastered it, you’ll have quick access to hundreds of thousands of stunning women who can be yours almost effortlessly.

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