Check GLO Number with a USSD Code 2021

    Check GLO Number with a USSD Code 2021-
    Check Your Glo Number: In this article, you will learn how to quickly check your Glo mobile phone number using only a USSD code number.

    Perhaps you’ve misplaced or lost your newly acquired SIM pack and need to check your number quickly without calling customer service. Here’s a short and dirty guide to it.

    Glo has established itself as one of Africa’s leading telecom networks, with Nigerians aggressively using its SIM cards. Your 11-digit number should be shown prominently on the SIM pack after you purchase a Glo SIM card.

    However, carrying a SIM card around is impractical, necessitating knowledge of the codes or methods for checking your phone number whenever you need it.

    As previously stated, there are three simple ways to check your Glo line quickly, and I’m happy to walk you through all three steps.

    3 Ways You Can Check Your Glo Number

    Below are proven ways you can check your Glo number with ease.

    1.Using USSD Code

    Dial *135*8# to search your Glo number using the USSD code, the 11-digit numbers assigned to your line will be shown. A message will also be sent to your inbox to highlight the details you received from the USSD command.

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    Note that Glo typically sends a message that includes your phone number and Nigeria’s country code (234), which might look like this: 2348051234567.

    If you’re sending it to someone in another country, the country code comes in handy. If you’re having trouble understanding it, delete the 234 and add a zero before the other digits. It should appear this way 08051234567.

    2.With Just a Call

    Dial 1244 Glo, and you’ll hear a robotic voice read out your phone number aloud.

    However, I don’t suggest using this approach because you’ll have to keep a pen and paper before dialing or memorize what the robotic voice says as soon as possible.

    3. Online URL Tips

    If your Glo SIM has an active data bundle, you can search your phone number without using another phone.

    Log on to the Glo Selfcare Portal and, once there (you must access the website using your Glo SIM as the data link source), you will be able to instantly see your number on the screen.

    If you don’t have a mobile, you can put your Glo SIM in a modem, plug it into a computer, and look up your Glo Phone Number on the website.

    Glo APN Setting for Modem

    You should manually customize your modem if you don’t already have it.

    Name of the configuration: Glo

    APN Address: glowered Dial Number: *99#

    the flat is the user name.

    flat as a pass

    How to Check GLO Account Balance

    Your credit balance will be shown on your phone if you dial #124#.

    Congratulations on your achievement! You’ve just double-checked the number on your Glo phone!

    P.S. I haven’t done it on a computer yet.

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