A Foreign Affair’s Executive Plan

    A Foreign Affair’s Executive Plan – Welcome to A Foreign Affair’s Executive Plan, which is designed for people who want a lot of one-on-one attention. The Executive Plan was created as an alternative to our standard solutions for clients that want a much more comprehensive, individualized approach.

    The Executive Plan is designed to make the most of our current infrastructure while providing the most significant degree of personal care and attention to the customer.

    A Personal Consultant will be assigned to you and will assist you throughout the process. You will meet with her in person to get to know her better to establish a productive working relationship. The Consultant will communicate with all of our offices and supervise all of the procedures required to compile a list of suitable matches/candidates. After compiling a list of acceptable individuals, the Consultant will work closely with you to choose a small group of possible matches for personal encounters.

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    We understand and value our clients’ desire for privacy. Without your consent, no personal contact information will be shared.

    The Executive Plan includes the following services:

    • At our Phoenix offices, we had a private meeting. (Instead of meeting in Phoenix, we will send the Personal Consultant to meet with you and conduct an interview.)
    • The Client must complete an in-depth questionnaire and personality assessment.
    • A videotape of the Client was recorded to enable the introduction of the Client to potential matches through our international network of offices.
    • Analysis of the questionnaire and personality evaluation to acquire a better knowledge of the Client and the Client’s aspirations and needs. This thorough examination is necessary to begin the matching process.
    • The essential information is disseminated to our broad network of international and affiliate offices.
    • Personal Consultant in charge of candidate search and coordination with overseas offices to pick the top 8 to 15 prospects.
    • All shortlisted applicants are subjected to lengthy interviews by a personal consultant.
    • 3-way phone or Skype talks with all of the prospects (Phone Translation Service) (not to exceed a total of 15 hours)
    • On, you may get a $5000 communication credit. Credit has no monetary value, and any unused credit will be forfeited after the program.
    • For the top 8 to 15 candidates, personal encounters will be organized at any of our offices. While in-country, the Client will be assigned a Personal Consultant who will coordinate meetings and act as a matchmaker/translator for the Client. The in-country meetings should last no more than 14 days. If the customer decides to prolong his in-country services beyond the 14-day term, the charge is $300.00 per day plus any additional expenditures incurred by the Client—consultation with an immigration attorney specializing in Fiancée Visas.


    I just got back to the United States from a 6-day trip to Ukraine, and I’m still trying to recuperate from an extraordinary experience that will undoubtedly affect my life forever. I met many lovely individuals and had a terrific time in Phoenix, which was made much better by meeting you and John. I’d want to express my gratitude for the personal attention you gave me as well as the very professional company you work for. The team in Odessa, led by Max and Anna, works in tandem with your members in Phoenix to produce a first-class operation that pays close attention to detail, resulting in a vacation that I will never forget. I’ll need your assistance in communicating with Oksana (91084), whose letter I just gave to you. Please convey my best wishes to John, and thank you once more.


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