8 Items to Sell on eBay, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace

8 Items to Sell on eBay, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace – Craigslist and Facebook are for local sales, and eBay products are frequently shipped to purchasers. While certain items such as designer clothing can accumulate on niche sites such as online consignment shops, these three sites seem to be moving well.


Laptops are a hot commodity with persons still working at home and many schools taking up distance learning this autumn. “We had over 1,000 laptops as a company (at the beginning of the disease),” says Moulton. “We don’t have any now.”
Make sure that any personal or sensitive material is removed before selling any laptop or electronic device.


Another item that Moulton said National Pawn could not keep in stock is television. They sold online quickly, and his company is now looking for more to meet customer demand. “We pay big money to sell things that we can sell fast,” he said.

Goods at home

In recent months, home products such as small equipment have also been popular with online purchasers. Bright notes sales on an eBay bread machine jumped 800% last year and 240% on fireplaces and chimneys. “In March of last year, bidets even had one moment, up 220% over the same period,” he says.
Foods for animals.

Animal care products were popular with buyers from Winquest. “I find people love and are willing to spend a lot of money on their pets,” she says.

Items for children

Since children grow fast, according to Chichester, people often search for a baby gear deal. “Larger baby items, like linen, sweaters, or toys that still have a lot of life, sell fast because people don’t want to pay their full price,” she explains.
Yard Instruments Yard
With more time spent at home, attention was also renewed to home maintenance. “Yard tools sold truly as people work at home,” Moulton notes.

Outdoor items for recreation

The risk of COVID-19 is also more expensive, and Chichester says that items like kayaking and electric powertrains for children tend to be needed. It seems that people spend more time outside the country.
Games for Videos
Those who look for fun inside snatch up video games and video game systems. According to Moulton, they were another hot online seller.


“Mobilizers are great for sale,” said Winquest. Although certain people can buy their decoration to refresh it, others want older parts to be renovated and resold.
Parents may also be on the hunt for fairly affordable items, which students can use during the fall semester to learn from home. Liu says that interest in Facebook Marketplace desks doubled this year between July and August.


Moulton was surprised to see how fast jewelry online was sold. “Jewelry is rather a luxurious impulse,” he says. That did not stop people from dealing with new items while shopping from home, however.
eBay sales data indicate that people can also spend more on their hobbies. This year’s interest from buyers has increased, with collectibles such as baseball and basketball cards, musical devices, and collectible card games.


Some used car lots have been lost so that people can browse a wide variety of cars, trucks, and transporters to the eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Market. “There are also good sales of vehicles and boats because people can prevent dealer charges,” says Chichester.
Hobby trucks on Facebook Marketplace are popular. “Every month since March, there have been more than 25,000 new RV / camper listings in the U.S.” She says Airstreams are the U.S. shoppers’ top choice.
Nearly anything can be sold online, but the 12 categories are currently the hot sellers. Moulton notes that many pawn stores currently have a low inventory and will gladly take items away for the right price if you don’t care about selling your items yourself.

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