3 Short Stories on Relationships That will Change your Definition of Love

3 Short Stories on Relationships That will Change your Definition of Love – These days, relationships are very casual and lovely. People get together, ask each other, make connections and lose the same way. The relationship is not love and other emotions but a physical closeness. And people are cool and don’t create a lot of fuss about it. Sometimes certain relationships prove magical, some of them teach you something, and others remain your life’s biggest mistakes. But everyone gives your heart an impression. Here are three short stories of your relationship which challenge your love faith.

1.He didn’t come back but his cap, along with a box of his other belongings…..

I watched him at the window of my room. He was very tall and strong, with a perfect jawline, but his overturned cap caught my attention; who is so stylish in 2015? I began to check him out every day, but I know it wasn’t some sort of love or crush. It’s only been lust.

One day, he turned around and smiled at me, and I felt the knee-jerk reaction, and I was sent a sudden chill through his spine. For a few days, we continued exchanging looks. And finally, one day, he came to my house, and we got into my bed. I recall how awkward, how good, and how completely emotionless it was.

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He told me early in the morning he was an army officer posted at the border, and it was time for him to go. He’s been kissing me and leaving.

I don’t see the awkward sex today. When I look at the cape, I see myself standing next to a military officer who asked me when he returned from the border. We’ve then been in a relationship officially. For only two days, he came. He tightened his brilliant cap the next day and marched out.

But he didn’t return 13 months later, but his cap found its way back to my son’s closet along with a box of his other things. This cap he loved! I think he doesn’t get fashion for four months, but I don’t think he is just like his father.

2. The guy who made me believe that a casual relationship could be much more also made me believe that love is just a 4-letter-word….

Since two years ago, we have been in a relationship. I recall clearly how he arranged for our first date all perfectly. He just swept my feet, and I fell in love with him immediately. That night, we made love.

He gave me his Facebook account information one day. I found it very familiar to me when I typed his username and password. I signed up for him and saw him tell his friends about me with his chats filled with him. I’ve been thrilled to read everybody.

One chat said, “You know how incredible she is, I met her at a party, and I haven’t been able to take her out of my head ever since.”

Another said, ‘We’re currently in a relationship, and I am afraid that she will go back to university.

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Thirdly said, “It’s just a chance relationship in my life, and I couldn’t let this happen. Therefore I asked her to find it out.”

It was a relationship of long distances. And our wasn’t working like many. Like many. For a very long time, I didn’t have a friendlyfriendly conversation, so I was inquisitive to see what was happening in his life. He hadn’t changed his password; I logged into his Facebook account. What I saw, however, gave me a lifelong shock.

One message said, ‘This is how I love you. I don’t like her, I’m only for the sake of her.’

Another person said, “I believe that your hymen has broken. Yahaya! – Yaayy! You are my first’ officially.

The last one said, ‘I left her so that I could be with you for good.’ Yea, she meant nothing to me.

The guy who told me that a casual relationship could be more than that also made me think that love is a four-letter word.

3. I wasn’t her soul mate, but in the process, I lost my best friend…..

More than friends, we’ve been. I don’t know what to call those relationships that are not friends but love. After a dark break, she was the girl who made me see the light. She was the only one who had chosen to be with me when she could have done better with her time. Whether my boss hit or my mother hit, she was the one I was going to go to.

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When I was drunk, I used to go to her and look for comfort. But it was different that night. What that was, I don’t know. Perhaps it was her red dung hair, or maybe her lovely eyes caused me to go all over to her. We had sex, and it lasted only for a moment, as long as good things last.

However, I didn’t tell her then, and I didn’t even meet her because I was so embarrassed. I didn’t even meet her. She tried everything she could to get in touch with.

I am sitting on that table today after five years, seeing her hair red and lovely eyes. But these eyes don’t look at mine today; they look at his Fiancé.

I was not her fellow soul, but I lost my best friend in that process.

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