10 Steps to Boost Your Instagram Profile

10 Steps to Boost Your Instagram Profile – With more than 100 million Instagram users in 2017, it’s a no-brainer to say that “Instagram is everyone’s first choice.” But, surprisingly, businesses have begun to rely on Instagram because consumers on Instagram are ten times more likely to engage with brands than on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

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To design a compelling Instagram profile that attracts the target audience’s attention. These ten easy techniques will help you enhance your Instagram profile and get more business.

1. Opt for an Instagram business account

Choosing a business account is required to gain access to analytics and promotional tools. Analytics can help you understand your post-performance and follower growth. With a few taps, business users may increase the reach of their posts.

Because 80% of Instagram users follow at least one company, Instagram allows business profiles to include a contact button that sends a message to the brand’s representatives by Instagram direct message, email, or SMS.

As a result, social media customer service is far easier than before.

2. Use a profile-tracking link

The link in an account profile is highly significant because Instagram only allows social media marketers to share one live URL throughout the whole platform. Therefore, keep an eye on the connection and its traceability because it will aid marketers in determining how many website visitors or consumers are referred from Instagram.

Marketers may check the interaction with the link in the bio using the Instagram analytics platform or Bit.ly.

3. Use layouts and multi-grid images to make a statement.

For Instagram marketers, creating a profile that stands out is a must. The only way to accomplish this better is to make a multi-grid collage that makes a readable image. Sabyasachi is one designer that has embraced the cropped image trend.

Best of all, to pique users’ interest, brands post a series of indecipherable photos hoping that they would choose your Instagram profile to see the entire image.

Rolls Royce, for example, posted nine photos that turned out to be the front profile of a recently introduced model.

4. Invest in a powerful Instagram analytics solution.

The only way to know if your Instagram approach is working is to look at the numbers. Therefore, a third-party analytics tool is vital for boosting your Instagram profile and strategy, from calculating the performance of the tracking link in your Instagram bio to evaluating which posts resonate the most with followers to pinpointing the best time to upload new content.

5.A/B test your Instagram bio.

 An A/B test is the most excellent approach to see if your Instagram bio is compelling and supporting your social media marketing goals. Begin by deciding on a measurement-able dependent variable. For example, tracking link URL clicks is a popular dependent variable.

Next, make a range of different Instagram profiles and rotate them evenly so that each bio gets seen by roughly the same number of people for around the same period.

Finally, examine the URL performance data to see which profile was most successful in generating URL clicks.

6. Go for the quality of followers rather than quantity.

Dispel the idea that having a large number of followers is more important than engaging those followers. A brief look at Instagram profiles owned by some of the world’s largest brands reveals that follower quality is more essential than quantity when it comes to boosting your Instagram profile. These profiles have significantly more followers than 3M, a business with 152 shareholders, 86.4K. Despite their smaller follower count, no one in their right mind would mistake 3M for a small business. Consider and act.

7.Build a thoughtful content calendar.

Instagram material isn’t buried in one’s profile like it is on other social networking networks. Instead, every post dating back months, if not years, is reasonably straightforward to find. Marketers should keep this in mind and design a thoughtful series of integrated Instagram material to establish a profile that tells a coherent brand story.

8.Assign someone to monitor messaging channels.

Because Instagram Business profiles allow profile visitors to contact firms with the click of a button, customer support demands could arrive at any time of day. Given this reality, social media marketers might consider delegating the task of monitoring incoming Instagram messages during business hours to someone.

9.Upload your Instagram profile image frequently.

Make your Instagram profile image look fresh and relevant by dressing it up. For example, adding logo variations or designs specific to a marketing campaign can motivate followers to visit your profile more often than they would otherwise. Exactly like in real life.

10.Win a blue checkmark to increase credibility.

Established brands can get verified account status on Instagram, which is indicated by a blue checkmark. This checkmark will give your Instagram followers piece of mind, as they will know that your account is the organization’s official voice. While the general public is not allowed to submit a verification request, Mashable reports a way to get an Instagram account certified using more creative means. Tingles.

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So far, developing a wholly boosted Instagram profile capable of captivating Instagram users has necessitated a well-thought-out strategy as well as a lot of patience.

Finally, Instagram is all about having fun with all types of media. And one of the best ways to accomplish it is to include emoji in your Instagram profile, company bio, and daily life.





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