How To Handle Jealousy

Sometimes knowing how to control jealousy is complicated, but it is something that is absolutely necessary. We must learn to control our emotions and jealousy before we are out of control. One of the easiest ways to break a perfectly good pair is starting to get jealous. Control jealousy is essential to maintain a healthy relationship. Here are 10 tips on how to take […]

Jealousy, Insecurity Or Much Love?

Today I wanted to write a bit about jealousy. These jealousies that make us lose friends, makes us lock ourselves in a world apart from others, and always living in fear of losing what we love. Jealousy … what are they? Much love or insecurity? There are different ways to describe it, feel it, and know it. Some think of it as […]

Why are Life Partners Jealous of our Friends?

Have you ever wonder why women, when they are in a relationship are denied the right to have a good male friend, which has nothing to do with love? A friend is someone with whom you can feel free, who would you tell all your stuff and dare to be yourself without disguise, because he or she is your friend, your confidant, […]

Love and Infatuation are not the same

How many times in our life have we experienced that wonderful feeling of being in love? Have you been strongly attracted to anyone that you thought that it is love only to find out that it is just infatuation? We fell for many reasons, but especially because we think or feel that this person is charming and attracts us so much, so […]

Three Sentences for an Everlasting Love

There are three simple phrases that can make a big difference in a relationship of love and commitment. Thus, providing you with everlasting love. Three little sentences that can help make the love last until the last of our breath: I love you, I’m sorry and I forgive you. My grandmother told me these thirteen years ago, the day before my wedding, but her […]

Do not Run Away from Love!

Some women seem to run away from love, but yearn to be loved. What happens is that it makes us fear losing our freedom, we fear the sacrifices and compromises that come with love. If we are always running and rejecting opportunities, perhaps we should consider what has led us to see love as a yoke of obligations. As you have […]

Stop Thinking About Your Ex

Forgetting your ex is often very difficult. You think you have all day to think one person while the relationship is over. Maybe what you do all day is viewing at his or her Facebook account or go to places where you might expect to encounter your ex. You know that this behavior is not good but you cannot control yourself. The emotions […]